Saturday, October 30, 2010

I have the best job!!

Back in my younger days - before children - I worked for a very large company. I made great money and had wonderful benefits including lots of vacation days. I enjoyed my job - sometimes - but I put up with a lot of crazy stuff. I worked in a place where it was common for folks to have affairs and who knows what else was going on! Now, I work in a place where we can pray if we want, I can read my Bible at my desk (if I need to do so), no one has ever "cussed me out" (though one older lady did talk rather ugly to me one day! - enough to make me cry!!). Working on staff at Trinity UMC is wonderful - we don't make a lot of money and I don't have a lot of vacation days but I LOVE what I do and I LOVE the people I get to spend time with each day and I LOVE Jesus . . .pretty good combination.

One day last week, a church member brought us a wonderful surprise. He brought us a basket of apples because he knew that we would probably have plenty of fattening treats from now through the first of the year. These apples were delicious and his presentation (yes, he is an artist) was spectacular!! Another great thing about working at Trinity . . .we have "servants" who help us all of the time. (some might call them volunteers but Adam Hamilton said that you "volunteer" for the junior league or at the country club - in the church, we are servants of the King!) On Sunday, a lady named Lisa (not me) counts all of the attendees at the two traditional services (she saves me an hour each Monday morning). On Monday, Myrnie comes in the afternoons and files new member cards for me and does any other "membership" task (like pulling all the individual "single" cards for the married people so that I can make them a married card - probably doesn't make sense but it is a big help). On Tuesday, Gayle comes and puts all of the members into the database (attendance for members) AND Sandra and Polly come in and stick labels on envelopes. Those are my main "helpers" and I appreciate them so much. I know that they are doing this because they love God and as Christians, we all need to serve in one way or another. I know they serve with no thought of reward . . .but I love to give them little treats for the various holidays. This is another fun part of my job . . .making treats - here is the giant bag of candy.

Look at these cute boxes we found (actually, my daughter, Laura found them for me!!)

I love the black cat ones - they made me smile. Once again, I am thankful - yes, I am!!

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