Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Old picture - crazy men!

This morning I sat down at our old dinosaur computer to look up the weather. I couldn't resist opening a few picture folders just because I love pictures and these pictures aren't on my laptop. Look what I found. This picture was taken about 5 years ago - I think this was during the summer of 2005 . . .right before Glenn and Laura went off to college. Mark's mother was having a "big" birthday that year and we decided to have some family portraits taken. Our good friend, Terrie, met us at the Botanical Gardens after work. The men were impatient (and very HOT) to say the least!! George is on the left, Bill is in the middle and yes, that is my wonderful hubby, Mark on the right acting like a crazy man. I must admit that when I saw this picture this morning, I burst into laughter. I think this was one of those times where Mark and George, the idential twins, showed up dressed just alike. How do they do that? I think it drives them crazy (but we all think it is funny). Bill is their younger brother and he looks like he is just barely tolerating them on this day. Aren't they silly??

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