Friday, October 22, 2010

I love the feel of the wind in my hair . . .I mean fur!

I was driving to my hair appointment today and there was a car in the lane beside me and it was about two car lengths in front of me. Something kept popping out of the sunroof and I couldn't imagine what it was . . .so I sped up . . .and just happened to have my camera in the seat beside me (I can't believe I actually had my camera when I needed it!!) I caught up with the car and snapped this picture . . .yes, it is a HUGE dog. Most dogs hang out the window . . .but not this giant!! Rather than hang his head out of the window, he simply sticks his (or I guess it could be her) head out of the sun roof . . .bet that wind felt good blowing through his/her fur!!

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