Monday, October 25, 2010

Tailgate Sunday!!

Our 4th Annual Young Adult Tailgate was on Sunday afternoon at Trinity. We had a great turn-out. No . . .Mark and I don't qualify as young adults (though we sometimes think we are!), but since we host the Young Adult study at our house on Tuesday nights . . .we were able to participate!! This is some of our group (and yes, that is Mark sneaking into the picture with all of the cute girls.) Let's see . ..Lindsay, Claire, Laura, Holly, Mary Ellen and Holly's friend and Jamie (with Mark in the background.) Daniel also came by our tent and so did Christy and Kelly. Since this was the first year for our group to have a tent, we thought had a nice group. I tried to make a giant orange and blue cake . . .but as you can see, it is more gold and the inside was more green. I was afraid to put any more food coloring in the batter and icing!! That cake was a big draw from other tents - I almost didn't take it because it was so ugly!!
Lindsay made these - they were wonderful. She took two lowfat wheat thins and put peanut butter between them and dipped them in chocolate. YUMMY!! I've had these made with ritz crackers before (and have made them myself) but the wheat thins added a nutty taste along with some extra crunch. Yes, I even brought a red and white checked cloth to represent the other team. You can tell how hot it was . . .the chocolate is melting!!

Our group is a group of unmarried, out of college, in their 20's . . .but there were lots of other young adults AND their children at this event. This is one cutie-patooty . . .look at the runny nose - allergies in Alabama.

This is an overview of the group. There goes one of the food judges walking down the middle - we didn't win any awards and we were disappointed!!

Here is another pic of that cutie-patootie!

This is one of my fav pics of the afternoon - this is Super Cooper! Isn't he cute? Both his parents were college cheerleaders. That doesn't really have anything to do with this post - I just think it is a fun fact to know and tell!!

Only the kids jumped in the jumpy thing . . .sure did look like fun.

Here is a pic of Mark and Holly and Lindsay. Don't they look happy!!

Here is a shot through our tent (thanks to Karen and Steve for letting us borrow the tent!!)

We even had live music and they were great!

I wonder what Mark is saying . . .Drew sure is laughing!

We even had corn hole and Holly and Lindsay were our players!! They represented us well (but they didn't win)
The afternoon ended with a hot dog eating contest and you notice there are no pictures . . .I was afraid that someone would throw up . . .so I stayed and cleaned up our tent and packed away our things.
What a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon - with some of our church family!!

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