Saturday, November 6, 2010

Spiders and pumpkins ...Oh my!

Laura needed a "costume" to wear to work. I remembered seeing a spider shirt on another blog with curly ribbon legs and I told her about it. Of course, I couldn't remember where or whose blog . . .but I described it to Laura and she created her own. She went to Joann's and purchased her supplies and had everything cut out when I got in from Bible Study. I sewed the pieces onto her shirt and we used Fabric Tack to glue the eyes, mouth and hairbow and look - such a cute shirt. I didn't stabilize the back though and I seem to remember from years ago, that I was supposed to do that. I told Laura that I don't think we can wash it :-) Look at my messy work space. When the kids went away to college, I had time for my hobbies but for the last year, I've had no time - not even to organize.

This is my view from my table. My space is in our bonus room upstairs. Can you see the two deer on the left wall and the big fish straight ahead (sort of on the right). Those aren't mine. Really, they are not. They are Mark's. He caught that fish when I was pregnant so it is getting pretty old. Some day, when Laura marries and moves back out, I'm converting this room to nothing but my space. I can dream, can't I????

Thought I would combine all of this in one blog post since these pics were in the same folder. You know that I work on a church staff. One of the many benefits is the fact that the children trick or treat through our offices. This was a day or so before Halloween. This group was practicing!! Yes, that is what the teacher said. They were practicing!! I think that is so cute. I also think their pumpkin costumes are great! They are so easy also. I wonder if they make brown paper sacks in my size??

Aren't they cute???

Trick or treat?


Si said...

these pumpkn outfits are darling!

Lisa said...

Thank you! We are going to attempt to make a "turkey" one tonight and a "Christmas Tree" one for a little friend.

Lisa said...

oh - Si - you must think I'm an idiot - I just realized that you said pumpkin outfits - yes, our Trinity Child Development Center does a great job with our kids!!