Monday, June 21, 2010

Lingerie Shower

This is the season of showers! A few weeks ago, I helped host a baby shower and showed you our fun "pink explosion." These decorations take on a little different "pink" tone. This is a lingerie shower hosted by our daughter and the other bridesmaids for Lauren W. I made a garland for the mantle . . .not of cute baby onesies but of lingerie!! Once again, I used my silhouette SD machine. It sure is a handy tool! Laura did the decorating. She found these giant "diamonds." They are so cute. You can see that this tulle is not "baby shower pink." There is an under layer of black.

Laura ordered the cake from a local bakery - Savage's. I think it is pretty cute! There was cake left over and there was one "bosom" on a paper plate and I asked Mark to carry it to work with him. Since I work in a church, I think I would have felt a little silly because even sitting by itself on a plate, it was obvious that it was a bosom.

Here is the table all decorated. Laura did a great job!

Sorry, Mark and I weren't invited so I have no pictures of the actual shower. Guess that is what happens when you become middle-aged parents!

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