Friday, June 25, 2010


Achoo! Achoo! That is the sound that I make . . .quite often. I was diagnosed with allergies for the first time when I was about 20 years old . . .and now I'm 52. I went to an allergist about a month ago. One of the first tests they did was a lung function test and I didn't pass. I'm one of those folks who always wants the best score . . .so not passing was not a good thing. She prescribed an inhaler and we set up the second appointment which would include new allergy tests. I arrived at her office a few minutes before 3:00 yesterday. First thing . . .lung function test. Once again, I didn't pass. So they gave me an inhaler sample and I had to take two puffs . . .and wait. Then they started the allergy testing. It has certainly changed since the first time I was tested 20+ years ago. She had 4 trays with 10 "prickly" things sticking out of each tray. I had to take off my shirt and put on a hospital shirt (not a full gown . . just a shirt) and lay on my stomach on the exam table. The assistant then placed all four trays on my back at one time - 40 pricks!!!! I had to lie on my stomach for 20 minutes and then she came back in and measured the reactions. Oak Trees - knew that! Dust Mites - knew that! A little cat (not a lot!) and a little dog - actually knew that also! Then the doctor came back in and talked to me again and told me that she wanted to schedule an X-ray of my lungs. I'm going to be honest. The lung x-ray is freaking me out. My dad died of lung cancer and the doctor told me that my lung function is not good . . but I don't think she thinks it is asthma. So I'm scheduled for a lung x-ray this week. Then she decided to do 13 more individual tests. These tests show that I'm allergic to some other trees. She wants to wait to decide whether I need shots or not. I'm supposed to buy a cover for my mattress and a cover for my pillow and start using those immediately. I also have a different kind of inhaler that I'm supposed to use at night for a month. She wants to see me again in a month. I think I'll call my internist . . .

Anyway, I know that my posts are usually about fun things or about Sunday School lessons or fresh veggies . . .fun and pleasant things. I guess this is just a real post - a real post from a middle aged mom . . .who is a little bit scared. Oh and I forgot to tell you how long I was at the doctor's office. I was pulling out of their parking lot at 6:18 . . .over 3 hours. I'm so glad that I took a fun book by Mary Kay Andrews. I read a lot of pages in 3 hours :-)

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