Saturday, June 5, 2010

Guys & Fishing

This is THE LAKE. Yes, I meant to capitalize those two words. Mark has wanted a lake for as long as I can remember and finally his dream was realized a year or so ago. This lake has been dreamed about and talked about for years and years. After much planning and after much dirt and tree moving by some unbelievable dirt moving machines, Mark has a lake on his family farm. The first picture is the lake on a gorgeous day. The sky is blue, the water is blue, the trees are reflected in the water. Beautiful!! But the next picture shows a day that is even more beautiful to Mark and Glenn - this picture shows a beautiful day of fishing. Here is Glenn - I actually think they were "catching" last Monday - not just fishing!

Here is Mark. The fish are still small so they catch them and throw them back. . . .so they can grow into BIIIIGGG fish!!
This blog is about my two guys whom I love much . . . .these are two guys who LOVE to fish. This is a blog about happy men!!

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Missie said...

I'm glad to hear they release the little fish! LOL