Monday, June 21, 2010


These pictures are totally out of order . . .but rather than rearrange, I'll just "narrate." My birthday was on a Monday this year and we were supposed to be at the beach . . .but due to oil, we decided to work on Monday and Tuesday and then go to the beach on Wednesday. I arrived at work to find surprises in my office. I am so blessed to work in such a wonderful place surrounded by friends. Kristi gave me this really cute tote bag. I carried it to the beach and have been carrying it around every day since. Donna gave me a really cute lunch bag. It also has an "L" monogram. Most of us bring our lunch so I know that I will use it often. Ann gave me a gift card . . .and I will be spending it soon. I'm excited about Mary's gift - subscriptions to not one but TWO magazines!! Amy bought my lunch on Tuesday and it was yummy - burger and fries from Sam's in Homewood. I love their burgers but rarely eat them because there are at least a million Weight Watchers points in one!! Phella came to the office on my birthday and brought lunch and pie and another great gift. I received little surprises all day long and it was so much fun. Isn't it amazing that we are never too old to enjoy birthday surprises?
These are my presents at home. Let's see . . .really cute beach picture frame from Gary and Dona!! See that black and white fabric in the right hand corner? That is a wonderful apron from my sister-in-law, Susie. The bright fabric in the left corner is a great handmade beach/tote bag from my sister, Glenine. (remember my other sister, Becky? She gave me a skirt and top when I visited with her in Houston in April). My gifts from Mark were wonderful - gift certificate to Talbots and a gift certificate for a pedicure. As I type this, I realize how loved and spoiled I am!!

We always celebrate all birthdays on Sunday. Doesn't matter whether your birthday is on a Monday or a Friday, we celebrate on Sunday. I requested German Chocolate Cake. My mother-in-law makes a killer German Chocolate Cake. The filling between layers is the traditional yummy coconut filling. Then she makes this fudge icing. Delicious!!

Being a middle-aged mom doesn't mean that I have to stop celebrating. Instead, I think each birthday is more special than the one before!!

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