Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good morning, God!

Good morning, God! Thank you for a good night's rest. Thank you that today is Sunday. Thank you that we live in a place where we can go to church and worship you freely. Thank you for the awesome John Wesley class. Father, they are our family and I ask that you bless each one of them.

Lord, I ask for your comforting presence to surround all of the Nelson and George family today and in the coming days. Father, when our heads can't understand the death of one so young, our hearts know without a shadow of doubt that we can trust you. Thank you for the witness of their lives.

Father, there are so many who are sick and hurting. On this day, I ask for your blessings and comfort and peace for Jeff and Melinda and Maria and Anna. I pray for Jeff's mom. Lord, I also pray for Uncle John. Help him to recover quickly from his surgery. Please also be with Mrs. Charlton. Father, I pray for Laura - that you guide her steps; that you protect her and the other bridesmaids while in Nashville; that you wrap your arms around that car as they drive home and keep them safe; that you protect her from all evil. I pray for Glenn as he studies for his big test. Please give him recall of all that he has learned. Protect him also from evil, Lord and keep him safe. Help him as he begins his job search to find a job where he can be happy. Please be with Lauren also as she is finishing up her classes and practicum. Help me to be a good mother-in-law to her. Please be with her mom as she faces some health issues. Please bless Mark and fill him with Your joy this day. Lord, as always, it sounds like a laundry list. Thank you that you are God and that you hear our prayers - no matter how long they are; no matter how poorly worded they are. Thank you that you are already at work in all of these places and in places I haven't even thought to mention.

Now about today, Lord. Please give words to our preacher. Please guide him through the sermon. Please fill our church building with your love and grace and the power of your holy spirit so that we might only breathe in to experience you.

Forgive me of my sins, Lord. I'm sure there are many :-) Guide me as I facilitate the lesson today and open our hearts and minds as we learn about our Christian brothers and sisters and their beliefs. Bind our class together and help us to be one. Help us to be your hands and feet wherever we go.

I love you, God and I praise your name. I see the sunshine and I hear the birds singing and I give you thanks. I ask that you help me to "so order" my time that I'm productive for you and once again, Lord, I say, "as you wish today. . . as you wish!"

In your holy name I pray,

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