Friday, February 26, 2010

Three Generations - Girls "Night Out" (actually IN)

My sister-in-law, Susie, is in town from Delaware for ten days. She is a wife and mother of three boys. She is surrounded by testosterone!! My mother-in-law, also named Susie, decided that while younger Susie was in town, we should have a girl's night out. Now you have to understand that my mother-in-law is one of the sweetest women in the whole world but when I think of "Girl's Night Out" . . .I would say that our ideas probably differ!! But knowing that, we went ahead with her plan for a "Girl's Night." There are three generations of us. Grandmother (as I call my mother-in-law), then there are four in my generation - my sister-in-law, Susie (Mark's only sister) and then the other in-laws - Alice and Rebecca (married to Mark's brothers) and me. Last but certainly not least, are the two granddaughters, Laura and Grace - 11 years difference in age. We arrived to this cute table filled with "movie" snacks.
We had placed our take-out order with Zoe's - a wonderful local restaurant. We had grilled chicken salads and some had grilled chicken plates - yummy food. We ate straight out of the containers with plastic forks . . . in our laps. For those of you who know my wonderful mother-in-law, you are probably gasping! She is a true southern lady who doesn't allow the carton of milk or ketchup bottle on the table!! But this was "Girl's Night Out." We started our first movie, "What a Girl Wants." We needed to watch a movie that all ages could watch . . .and it helps that my mother-in-law ADORES Colin Firth. We ate and watched the first movie and were even "shushed" a few times!! At one point, two generations were spread out on the den floor :-)

This is the sweet woman who planned it all. Look at that face - she is laughing at something in the movie . . .hands must be busy . . .knitting a scarf - she has knitted us all at least one scarf this season (because they are so in style!!)
I must admit that I was not really looking forward to the evening - simply because I was so very tired (long day at work). But in hind sight (which is always 20/20) I realize what a perfect evening. What a nice "Girl's Night" out/in. I'm thankful for my "in-laws" . . .since my mom has been dead for so many years, I know - I KNOW - without a shadow of doubt that we need to be enjoying these days together. Thank God for my sweet mother-in-law!

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