Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Pleasure is all mine (ours!)

Monday night, we opened our home to those in our church (and their friends) who are in their 20's and unmarried. We have found that there is a real need for a ministry for this age group in our church. We had 24 who came and we fed them and then talked to them about what they are interested in.

I borrowed the mardi gras wreath from my friend, Dona. Imagine my surprise when one of the girls told me that she was missing her hometown and mardi gras and here she was greeted by a mardi gras wreath. Doesn't God work in mysterious ways - using a wreath to show love to someone!!
This was the decoration on the dining room table. Our Sunday School class gave me this really cool metal candle holder centerpiece for Christmas. You can put candles in it or little pumpkins on each ring - all sorts of seasonal decorations. On this night, it became a holder of mardi gras beads.
Now as much as I like to take pictures, you would think that I would have pictures from the evening . . .well, I had the camera out and ready but between greeting guests and taking coats and admiring the snow and cooking the dinner, I forgot to take pictures!!

When one of our guests thanked me, I said, "the pleasure is all mine." Isn't it fun to use our gifts to serve God?

Please pray for us as we move forward with this ministry. I think God is at work.

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Missie said...

Love the Mardi Gras decorations. I've never seen a wreath. Enjoy your weekend.