Saturday, February 20, 2010

It feels good . . .

So, I told y'all about our new kitchen table and even showed you a picture. Well here is the old furniture sitting forlornly (is that even a word?) in our basement.

We could have run an ad in the paper and tried to sell it or we could have given it to the Salvation Army but instead . . .we have a friend, Chris, who has a business called Community Furniture Bank. He will come to your house and load up your furniture and household accessories, dishes, bedspreads, etc. He then takes them to his warehouse. People who need furniture can come to him (I think they go through a referral process) and he will help them furnish their home for free. I know that he told me yesterday that he took in 9 whole truck loads of furniture during January and outfitted 9 houses!! Sometime he gets referrals from the Red Cross - if someone's home has burned or from homeless agencies when a family is finally able to move into their own place.

As I looked at the furniture stacked in the back of his truck, I said, "I hope that some other family finds as much joy around this table - enjoys as many meals - laughs a lot - like our family has over the last 15 years." I truly mean that - the kitchen is so often the heart of the home. Our children did homework on that table and we ate many meals as a family around that table. Our supper club and other friends have sat around the table and laughed and talked.

You can't see in the trailer behind the pick-up, but if you could, you would see headboards and footboards for two beds and mattresses and box springs, some big tall silk trees and some bedspreads. May God bless Chris and his ministry and may God bless the family that gets our stuff!! If you live within a sixty mile radius of Birmingham, Chris will come and pick up your gently loved furniture also.

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