Thursday, February 18, 2010

It all started with a new light fixture

Right after Christmas, our kitchen light fixture died . . .yes, it did die. It was a three light fixture on a chain that was way too short and to be honest, we had hated it for a long time. Well, it finally died and I purchased a new one from Home Depot. Little did I know that my husband knows how to connect a new light fixture. What a handy man to have around!! This is what it looks like - hanging down low - before we swagged the chain over so that after 17 years, our light fixture now hangs over the middle of the table.

But as so often happens, when we got the new light up, we realized that we needed a new kitchen table and chairs. I had seen this one several weeks ago when I was shopping for a scrapbooking/sewing table (which I haven't had time to use yet!!). I had received a small bonus at work and decided to spend it (with a little more) on a new kitchen table. Don't you love it? Isn't it funny how you replace one thing and then "have" to replace something else?

The table actually opens into a much bigger table- the leaf is stored underneath and opens and closes fairly easily. We originally thought we would leave it small but I'm sitting here using it as a workspace . . .and I think I like it large!!

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