Sunday, June 17, 2018

Sorry . . .not sorry . . .more wedding

I am still so overwhelmed from the wedding that I have a hard time beginning a blog post! As I said, everything was wonderful. I told someone in Sunday School today that I wish I could have invited every single person we know but those of you who have planned weddings know that is not possible for most families. Let's see . . . I told you about the photographer and the cake and the florist in a post last week.

How about the wedding gown? Laura scheduled two appointments with local wedding dress shops. We went first to Ivory and White and then to Heidi Elnora (she was on Project Runway!). Both shopping experiences were so much fun and the employees who helped us at both shops went above and beyond to make Laura's dreams come true.

Laura decided on this dress . . . from Ivory and White.

The photographer, Madison Walters, got this amazing shot of the dress hanging in a tree on the front lawn of our church.

The dress had inverted pleats and a sweetheart strapless neckline. The wonderful ladies at Ivory and White helped the bride pick out the lace overlay jacket and even stitched it to the dress for a little coverage.
These ladies were professional yet fun and caring.
On the day of the wedding, we actually had a minor emergency with the dress and Molly from Ivory and White was on the speaker phone talking to us while we were in the bride's room at the church. Crisis averted with her help!

 Laura wanted a long train because the aisle in our church is soooooo long! This picture was taken in the side narthex when her daddy saw her for the first time.

Here they are walking down the long aisle.

I love this cool shot from the back of the church. You can even see the petals on the carpet.

This was taken on the sidewalk outside the church.

I just had to post this picture in front of the altar -- you can see the front of the dress BUT even more importantly . . .look closely . . .Laura is holding hands with her grandmother. Doesn't that just melt your heart? 

The dress could be bustled for the reception and guess who was the designated bustler (evidently not a word!!)? Me - the mom of the bride!!  So Laura and Scott arrived at the reception venue (I'm going to write a whole post about the Wine Loft!) and were whisked inside a small tasting room for a quick glass of champagne and a few bites of food.  My first job upon arrival was to go straight to that room and bustle Laura's dress. The folks at Ivory and White had sewn tiny corresponding ribbons to the underside of the dress and to the next layer and each ribbon (there were six top and bottom so twelve total!) was numbered with the matching ribbon . . but the writing was white letters on white ribbon and my eyes are a tad bit old and the room was a tad bit dark. Finally, I was so frustrated that Scott got his phone and turned on the flashlight and got under that dress with me so that I could tie all those ribbons! Tadah! We did it!

The pictures from the photographer came this week and I just have to show you the Kate Spade matching keds - bride and flower girl

Our sweet flower girl grandbaby showing off her dress and shoes!!

Same sweet baby having a melt down but mommy held her and made it all better!

 In the picture below, we are already seated at the front of the church and sweet grandbaby was to walk down the aisle from daddy to mommy (mommy was a bridesmaid and was already at the front of the church). Sound great in theory, right? Mommy even had gummy bears in the pocket of her bridesmaid's dress for bribery.

Nope  - didn't work so daddy carried her all the way down the aisle and flipped those flowers out of the basket with sweet flowergirl giggling every time he did it. Isn't that what twin brothers of the bride are supposed to do? be the flower boy if necessary? I think I will cherish this as one of those special memories!!

I have all sorts of things I want to blog about. Did you know that I had a big birthday this last week? I did! My hubby even surprised me!! I want to blog more about the wedding, too. Thanks for visiting!!


  1. Laura is absolutely stunning! Such a beautiful gown! Such a beautiful bride!

  2. By the way, forgot to say, that is very cute about your son being the flower boy...

    my husband was probably the oldest ring bearer on record, when at our niece's wedding last April, her 3-year old ring bearer wouldn't walk alone.