Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Photographers, Florists, and Venues . . .oh my!

My daughter and I talked after her wedding and we were both so pleased with all of the vendors that she asked me to write some blog posts about all of these wonderful people and places. As I blog about the vendors, I'll throw in some wedding pictures and some details about the wedding.

The day was perfect. We were worried about rain but nary a drop fell from the sky! At the end of the day, we were all exhausted but happy!

So where should I start?

Our photographer was amazing. Her name is Madison Walters and she is a young mother with boy/girl twins (instant win in my book - another mother of twins!). She interned under another photographer that we love, Brittany at LoveBe Photography. You might remember Brittany. She took pictures of Mark and me and our little grandbaby girl a couple of years ago and I talked about her on the blog.

We were so pleased with Madison and her photography and I can't wait to get all of the photos back. She sent out daughter a couple of sneak previews while they were on their honeymoon and I'll share some of those with you.

She was kind, patient, professional, and just fun to be around. She stepped in to help a couple of times with various things just because she was there and had an extra set of hands. As a matter of fact, at one point during the day, she saved the day for us! I can't sing any higher praises than that!!

Our florist was so talented. She was so kind and accommodating. We changed our order about two weeks before the wedding and she allowed me to send her the extra money and rolled with it.
It wasn't a major change - but rather than one large flower arrangement for the reception, we decided we needed two medium sized arrangements. She was easy to work with and very reasonable.
Laura texted pictures of what she liked and Linda worked her floral magic. She did the bouquets, boutonnieres, two arrangements at the reception, and she placed flowers on the wedding cake after it was delivered. Linda is a retired educator (I believe that is correct) and is a local small business. If you live in our area and need a florist, let me know and I'll give you the contact info for Linda. She doesn't have a website -- truly a small home business.

Laura's bouquet on one of the front steps of
the church.

Speaking of flowers on the wedding cake, look at this.

this photograph is not a Madison Walters
photograph - it was taken by a wedding
The cake was from Edgar's Bakery. I don't eat sweets so I didn't taste it but I've had Edgar's cake before and they bake excellent cakes!! We looked at multiple vendors in our area and to be honest, I didn't think we could afford Edgar's but they actually were more reasonable than MANY other bakeries/grocery stores and their cakes are delicious. Laura and Scott enjoyed the cake tasting several months ago. They brought out a huge slice of cake that had a vanilla layer, a chocolate layer, and a strawberry layer. Edgar's delivered a quality product on time and the wedding cake planner was delightful! I'm not sure if Laura ordered the cake topper from Amazon or not but it is Willow Tree and you can find one here.

Back to the flowers -- We are blessed because my sister-in-law is on the flower committee at our church and she was scheduled to prepare the altar flowers (she may have had to swap with someone!!). My sister-in-law arranged the flowers on the altar and they were so beautiful and it was so meaningful to know that the flowers were arranged to the glory of God by the hands of someone who has loved Laura all of her life. 

our sanctuary is so beautiful
our church offers the use of the candelabras
for a $50 re-oiling fee - well worth

the bride, her matron of honor, maid of honor, and
bridesmaid - I love how Laura's veil looks
like it is blowing in the wind

the bridal party

Laura loves all things Kate Spade and
we were so saddened by the news last
week . . .Laura is wearing Kate Spade keds.
Scott is wearing hysterical socks that
Laura bought for him. Our teeny tiny flower girl
was wearing matching Kate Spade keds but
she wasn't interested in pictures . . .so I don't
know if that is caught on camera or not.

my lovely daughter and new
son-in-law - I am sure they
were saying something
funny to each other!

Back to the photographer -- Madison asked Laura all sorts of questions about what kinds of pictures she and Scott wanted and she even took some fun pictures at the reception just because folks said, "hey - will you take our picture?" I wish I had realized that she would do that earlier in the day because I might have asked for a few more! We haven't seen one of the fun pictures yet . . .but Mark (father of the bride) is a twin, Teri (mother of the groom) is a twin and Laura (bride) is a twin so Madison even took a picture of ALL of the twins!

I know I've jumped all over the place in this post but if you know me, you know that is how I talk (write). Tomorrow is HodgePodge but I'll be back later this week with more wedding posts.

Disclaimer - none of these vendors have asked me to write about them nor offered any compensation for my opinions - these are solely my opinions!! To be honest, they don't even know I'm writing about them and may never know!


  1. Oh, Lisa, everything is so totally beautiful---the dresses, the flowers, the cake, the church. Just gorgeous! Weddings are such magical events, aren't they?

    May the Lord bless the newlyweds with a long, happy, and faith-filled marriage.


  2. Patti - thank you so much for commenting and for your kind comments. It was such a special day!!!

  3. It looks like a beautiful event. I love the cake. Some people are so talented. It's really gorgeous! Also there may be some twin grandchildren in your future. Just sayin' : )