Friday, February 16, 2018

Why? Five Minute Friday

Linking up with Five minute Friday . . .and today's word is Why? We are encouraged to think about the word and then write for five minutes and then stop.  I have a feeling that my post is going in an entirely different direction than most folks - eek!

Why do I love google so much? Why does our cat NEED to be in someone's lap at all times? Why can we not have peace in our world? Why do shooters keep killing kids?? I feel like I need to ask that question over and over -- why do kids keep getting killed??? Why am I tired? Why is it so hard to exercise after taking just two days off? Why is there so much drama in the world? Why do my friends love me? (didn't ask about family - they have to love me, right??? right???) Why is it cloudy and gloomy outside today? Why is it going to rain this weekend (I NEED sunshine - really, I NEED it!)? Why are some people lazy? Why do some people work hard all of the time and why do some people hardly work? Why are some people fat and some people thin (besides the obvious fact that sometimes fat people eat more -- but sometimes that is not true!!)? Why do some folks grow and mature early and some folks are still not mature . . .at a much later age? Why do some folks feel like they can attack another's character on facebook? Speaking of facebook, why IN THE WORLD would anyone put their family/friend drama out for all the world to see? Why does Riley (son's dog) pee when she gets excited? Why is it so hard to lose weight (takes lots of work for most of us!)? Why do I often have a hard time prioritizing time to do the things I want to do? Why do I love my sweet granddaughter so very much? Why is it a totally different kind of love? (yes, I love my hubby, children, sisters, etc. a whole lot but there is just something special about a grandbaby - why is it different?) Why do I love God? Why do I have faith? Why do some people not believe?

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  1. Love the rhythm of your words here.

    I tend not to be bright enough to ask why and assume I can figure it out. Thinking makes my head hurt, and since I'm dying (rather painfully) anyhow I figure that if I return my brain to God unused He'll give me back the deposit, eh?

    But as for why the school shootings, I do know why. It's because we've allowed certain elements to banish God from our schools and our courts and the public square. We're paying a heavy price for a return to paganism.