Wednesday, June 7, 2017

This and That Tuesday Morning . . .now on Wednesday!!

My sister asked, "what did you do this weekend?" when I was talking to her on my drive into work.  I said, "I can't even remember Friday night!!"  One of the reasons I blog is so that I can remember!! Later that same day, I loaded my pictures from my phone to tablet and viola - I remember the day!!

When my kids were growing up, I made 100's (literally) of pans of brown sugar brownies.  I don't bake very often anymore because Mark and I are like alcoholics when it comes to sugar.  I just can't keep desserts in the house.  BUT Laura was home and had asked me to bake brown sugar brownies for her to take to a party.  Friday night I fired up the oven and started baking.  Forgive the messy counter in the background.  We had just unloaded groceries and didn't have everything put away!!

We've changed our recipe a little over the years.  We now use two sticks of butter (so decadent) and in my "new" oven (3 years old), I have to cook at a lower temperature for less time.  I could have shaved off another minute or two.

Why was I baking brown sugar brownies?  Laura was attending an "early retirement" party for her friend Vickie.  Laura met her when she was doing an internship during her senior year at Auburn and then worked with her for several more years at the Harris Early Learning Center.  Vickie is famous. Not because she worked with Laura . . .!!  That is her Olympic torch you see in the picture (two pictures down)!  The "early retirement" party just happened to be taking place at the house directly across the park from us - how very convenient!!  Laura used to bribe sweet talk Vickie into helping her do whatever she needed by taking brown sugar brownies to her!! (I didn't know about the bribery until Saturday!!)

I told you that Vickie is famous.  She played women's basketball before there was a women's basketball event in the Olympics but she was able to play for the USA National Team.  You can read a short article about her here on Wikipedia.

Vickie is moving to be closer to her son, who if you follow college basketball . . .you may have heard of him.  This was just in the news 19 hours ago.  Austin's father was also a famous basketball player - I believe he played on the Olympic team (but not sure).
They are the nicest folks!!!

For point of reference . . .Laura is 5' 11" tall . . .and here she is with Austin.  He is TALL!

I was happy to make brown sugar brownies to celebrate Vickie!!
Scott, Laura's boyfriend, drove up on Saturday to go to the party with her.  He had never had one of our family's famous Brown Sugar Brownies .. .he said he liked it!

During the day on Saturday, Laura and I monogrammed lots of things!  I LOVED spending time with Laura but found myself continually tensing up because I was worried about messing up the monograms.  While we were monogramming, we made a monogram for my daughter-in-law's cup!  I put it on the cup on Sunday and it is crooked!!!  Booooo!!!

Sunday morning, we did the church thing - I helped serve communion in the traditional service while Mark, Laura, Glenn and Lauren attended the contemporary service.  I taught Sunday School and we went to Mark's momma's house for lunch.  We had a LOT of rain this weekend and on Sunday afternoon, Mark said "let's get out of the house."  We ran a couple of errands.  One of our biggest date spots is Sprouts.  We are so dadgum romantic!!  But . . .Sunday, while I was sitting in Walgreen's parking lot waiting on Mark . . .I saw a rainbow!

That was our weekend along with a wedding, which you can read about here. What did you do? 

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  1. Hi Lisa! Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Sometimes when my girls call me after work they ask me what I did that day. It takes me a few minutes to remember. My Mister and I are just like you and yours - we LOVE sugar!!!Those brownies look so yummy!!Can you believe another weekend is almost here! Hope you make more brownies!