Friday, June 16, 2017

Five Minute Friday - WORTH

five minute friday

Linking up with Five Minute Friday -- today's word is WORTH. Write for five minutes and then link up here.


"They" say that a picture is WORTH a 1,000 words and I think that is probably true. I love pictures and I love the memories associated with those pictures.  Even more important . . .how much is our time WORTH?  We have the cutest grandbaby ever!  Yes, I know that all grandparents feel that way.  Mark has spent time with this baby almost every single day of her life.  When she started going to daycare and was in the infant room, he would go and feed her at lunch time - almost every single day.  Now he goes almost every afternoon to hang out with her for about an hour.  She adores him.  We call him Pop or Pops and she has been calling him Top.  It is so cute.  Time with a grandchild is WORTH so much - I can't even begin to describe it.  We loved and adored our own children (and still do) but there is something about a grandchild - maybe it is knowing that you can leave at the end of the hour and you aren't responsible for all the day to day stuff.

For what it is WORTH, Mark makes up silly games to play with Emma.  This is the hat game and she loves it.  She wanted me to see how the game was played.  She would point and laugh!

This time spent with Emma is WORTH every single second.  It makes me think about the time we spend with God.  We love every moment of Emma time and I would think that God would love every moment we spend with him.  We are WORTH something in God's eyes.

So what about you?  What is WORTH it in your life?  Time with family?  Money? Career?

Pops throws the hat up over the curtain rod and sometimes the hat gets stuck.

She is WORTH it!

This face is so WORTH it!  She is our doll baby!

And Riley, the corn on the cob stealer . . .She is worth a lot to us, too!! She stole this ear of corn while I was keeping Emma and she wouldn't give it back.  I guess that ear of corn was WORTH a lot to Riley! hahahaha!


  1. Lisa,
    Emma is so �� cute. I can say that from a grandchild's point of view, I've loved spending any amount of time with my grandpa. Growing up, he took my siblings and me to the movies almost every single weekend. He also took me to the library quite a few times for books and movies. Any meals are a serious gift, just being there. Grandparents are such a gift from God. ❤️ Thank you for sharing this and all the pictures. Corn on the cob is my favorite so I'd be sad if Riley took mine �� visiting from fmf ☺️

  2. What precious images, heartwarming for sure.