Friday, January 6, 2017

random post #2 - Christmas 2016

We hosted the young adult Christmas party on the Tuesday before Christmas - we sure love these folks!!

Kelly and April look so cute and Sean and Kate are surely posing in the background!!

The WHOLE gang -- what fun!

On Christmas morning, I was the first one to awaken and I grabbed a diet pepsi and turned on the lights and just enjoyed some silence - it was really nice!

Have I ever shared that each person has their own paper?  I wrapped all of Glenn's presents in plaid - because he wears lots of flannel shirts.  Mark, Laura, and Lauren all had their own paper, too.

This tiny tiger showed up for Christmas morning in her Christmas pj's and an elf hat - I am just so in love!!

Pops was showing her one of her new toys.  Gran failed miserably this year - we had multiple things that needed batteries and I forgot to buy a single battery.  Can you believe it?  F.A.I.L.

Isn't that a fun foot stool beside Emma?  That is now in Laura's living room.  Emma immediately reached for the phone on her new toy!

Our Christmas morning was rather quiet this year - hurried but quiet.  It was good.  We enjoyed each other!

Love both of these girls - one of my original babies and my grandbaby!  So very blessed!

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