Friday, January 27, 2017

Friday Foggy Brain

I don't know if I'm fighting off a cold . . .or if something weird is wrong with me but I have the foggiest brain today (no jokes about my normally foggy brain).  I feel like the top third of my head is in la la land!  So I figured that I would just have a Friday Foggy Brain post! 

I have some fun pictures of our weekend with Emma and a few pictures from Becky's visit and maybe I'll sit down and post those sometime this weekend.  But today . . .I'm showing you the weirdly random pictures on my phone!

Mark wanted a metal fish skeleton . . .maybe something like this??  (who knows??)

A week or so ago, he couldn't stand to just sit around the house so we loaded up and went down to one of our favorite haunts -- Frontera.  We go there and wander around and buy things!  Since Mark is not a shopper it is a rare thing to find a place he enjoys "shopping"!!  We couldn't find anything like he wanted but I found the fish below.  They are metal fish on a stringer and he loves them! The purchase was even sweeter because everything in the store was on sale. See my little table? It was my late birthday present from our son, Glenn.  I wanted a primitive table and he made one just the right size.

I tried to zoom in for more detail but it was dark outside so you can't see much detail on the fish.  Mark also hung two giant lures from a previous trip.

Now this is a really random picture.  First, I need to tell you that Brian DID NOT ask me to do this nor did he know that I was doing it until he wore the robe.  We use a local dry cleaner for the preacher's robes and sometimes I ask them to do repair work on the robes.  Brian has a hook and eye at the neck of his robe and he asked me to get it repaired.  It takes me 10 minutes to drive to the dry cleaners; then it would take them a couple of days; 10 minutes to drive back to cleaners and probably a $10 charge.  Fridays are sometimes slow in the office (skeleton crew) so last Friday I brought my kitchen baggie of needles and thread to repair the hook and eye.  When I brought his robe down to my office, I realized that the whole lining was almost all the way unattached to the robe.  I sewed it up (not the prettiest stitches!) and then made Peggy try it on so that I could make sure it was hanging correctly.  Bet you didn't know that things like this went on in the church office????

Look at this random pic!  Our refrigerator was in desperate need of a good cleaning so last Saturday morning, it was pouring rain and I worked for an hour and a half on the fridge.  I took everything out and washed all the shelves.  I threw out anything that had expired.  I was quite proud of myself!!

This picture is worth a few chuckles.  I was working up in the craft room last Sunday afternoon and my hair was hanging in my face and it was driving me nuts.  The only thing I had upstairs was a clothespin so I pulled my hair back with it and promptly forgot all about it.  I went downstairs when I was finished and Mark didn't say a word about the fact that a clothespin was in my hair (I guess that shows that nothing I do surprises him!).  I walked into our bathroom and glanced in the mirror and died laughing . . .and snapped a picture!

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