Monday, August 1, 2016


Yesterday, I was digging around in my craft room to see what I could find!  I was looking for some old pictures (those will be in another post this week) and I had to laugh at some of the things that I found.  

1.  I had a scrapbook and I saved everything -- glued in the scrapbook was the "well done" plastic stick from a steak!!  Good Lord have mercy on my soul.  Did I think a plastic steak stick was worth saving??  These are not the ones in the book . . .but this is the kind I saved!!

2.  I did some pretty fun things -- including . . .I attended a production of Oklahoma put on by Homewood High School and I have a program from said play . . .and I didn't know anyone at Homewood (our high school was getting ideas before we did Oklahoma!) at the time . . .but now I recognize some of the names because they go to church with me, etc.  (40 years later!!)

3.  I used to be able to sing.  I sound like an old smoker now (and I've never smoked!!).  I was in the All State Choir in 1975.  I remember the try-outs as if they were yesterday!  I can see myself in the try-out room . . .singing Alto (are you surprised??) . . .guess what song I sang for try-outs?  Have Thine Own Way, Lord!  We also had to sight read and do some other stuff (I can't believe that I remember this much!!)

4.  Mark was a junior in college at Auburn when I was singing in the high school all state choir - I didn't know Mark then but he was somewhere on that campus at the same time that I was there! 

5.  I ate at Western Sizzlin Steak House (and this trip wasn't the time that I saved the steak stick!!!)  I feel like at this point I should say "and I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express" but there was no such thing as a Holiday Inn Express around back then!

6.  I sang in a bunch of choir programs . . .and even had a # by my name because I was in the All State Choir.

7.  I actually remember the trip.  We (the whole big All State Choir) sounded awesome!!  I seem to remember that the big auditorium did not have air conditioning!!

8.  Jamie McLemore, who plays the organ at churches all over town . . and is one of THE best organists in the country . . .was in the same high school choir.

Have you ever found something like this - stashed away from your childhood/youth -- that brought back lots of memories??

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