Friday, August 5, 2016


Mark and I were talking last night about someone we know and the word "lazy" came into our conversation.  I said to Mark, "that is one thing that no one can say about us!"  He and I both tend to "overdo."  Mark has a hard time sitting still long enough to even watch a movie.  I've always joked about myself -- I have two speeds . . .full throttle . . . or not moving!!

Our house in the Preserve has been good for both of us.  We have three porches and we have relaxed on those porches more than I would have ever imagined (for a few minutes at a time!).

One night after I was asleep, Mark ordered a teak table and chairs for our front porch.  He had always wanted one.  When I woke up the next morning, he said, "guess what I ordered?"  The table and chairs look great and we have used that table quite often (not right now - the heat index is 104 or something equally as crazy).  The dining set includes two "arm" chairs so we have been using those two chairs with a tiny teak table between them on the long part of the porch.  They just looked lost!!  Big space - two smaller chairs and a tiny table = not enough.

On the fourth of July, Mark and I sat in Mollie and Roger's teak rocking chairs on top of the boat house and we loved them (the view didn't hurt either).  I texted Mollie about the chairs and she said they bought them at Sam's a couple of years ago.  Glenn and Lauren had just gotten a Sam's membership and they were at our house and we looked on the Sam's website and lo and behold . . .TADA . . .they had teak rocking chairs.  We ordered three!

Mark was at the farm last weekend while I was having fun with my girlfriends.  When he got home on Saturday night, the chairs had been delivered -- they arrived in less than a week!!  Mark put the first rocking chair together.  They are so well made that the pieces went together easily.  We've not been that lucky with some other furniture!!

After he put the first one together, he decided to assemble the second one.  (his shirt matches the throw - not planned!!)

He then decided, "what the heck? I'll put the third one together."  He moved them into the entry hall overnight.  On Sunday morning, we both sat in the rocking chairs INSIDE our house.  I may have had on my sleep shirt!  I may have rocked for ten minutes before getting ready for church . . . it was nice . . .even in the entry hall!!

Sunday afternoon, Mark applied teak oil to all three of the chairs.  They look awesome now that they are located on the front porch.  I went outside while Mark was working and sat in the chair down on the end . . .and rocked and rocked and rocked.  I talked to Mark and told him all sorts of things (way more than he wanted to know but he acted like he was listening!).  I think I rocked so much and talked so much that our neighbors had to come outside and see what was making all that racket!!  (Mark did say that my chattering made the time pass quickly!!)

I think we are really going to enjoy the rocking chairs!  I think we might even relax!  We like these so much that we are considering ordering three more for the screened porch in the back . . .we will see!  I might even relax some this weekend!

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