Monday, August 15, 2016

Middle Age Friday Night

I need to go to bed.  I am tired.  For some reason, my brain says "type" and my fingers respond!!  On Friday, I received a text from a friend and she said, "I know it is late notice, but can y'all go to dinner?"  Did you know that when you have an empty next you can spontaneously go out to dinner?  That is exactly what we did!

Mark and I had never eaten at Iron City Grill before.  I loved the exposed brick wall and I really loved this chalk board.  I thought of my daughter, Laura, who would love painting something like this!!

Iron City is also a concert venue.  The restaurant is in the front and the back is a concert venue.  Black Jacket Symphony was performing in a sold out 8 p.m. show.  They were performing Hotel California by the Eagles.  They do every song from whatever album they are performing.  There were soooo many people waiting to be seated.  Many of the folks were trying to eat dinner before attending the concert.  I overheard the hostess tell someone that there were 26 tables before them!  We had to wait quite a while.  We met around six and waited about an hour on a table.  We did visit the bar and were able to enjoy a beverage while we waited.  When the doors opened at 7 for the concert, the restaurant cleared out.

Unbeknownst (cool word!) to Mark or me, it was Birmingham Restaurant Week and Iron City Grill was participating.,  For $30 each, we could get an appetizer, a main course, and a dessert.  Mark and I both ordered well and had a delicious meal.  I ordered fried green tomatoes with pork belly and pimento cheese (really good) and Mark ordered hummus made from black eye peas.  Duane ordered the most surprising appetizer - buffalo cauliflower - it was yummy! 

I ordered beef; Mark ordered salmon; Terrie and Duane ordered fish (amberjack?).  Our food was very tasty and presented beautifully.

I didn't take a picture until dessert.  I ordered Pot de Crème and it was based on a s'more . . .oh my goodness, I had never had a homemade marshmallow before.  It was an awesome dessert.  I NEVER order dessert out so this was such a treat.  I couldn't eat it all and shared with Mark.

Mark ordered peach fried pies and ice cream.  He said they were good but that he wished he had ordered the Pot de Crème.

Imagine our surprise at 8:00 p.m.  The concert was scheduled to begin in the back venue at 8:00 . . .but lo and behold, the concert appeared on a giant screen right in front of us in the restaurant.  There were only a few folks left in the restaurant - maybe two or three tables - so it was like we had a front row seat!  Black Jacket Symphony was such a wonderful treat -- Lagniappe!

Now I really have to go "night night" - see y'all soon!  I'm sounding like the middle-aged mom that I am . . .but there are definitely some perks to being middle-aged!
1.  We can go out to eat whenever we want
2.  We get to hang out with friends
3.  We have the money to eat a nice dinner
4.  We aren't too old to enjoy a good concert
5.  There are a whole lot more but I'm about to fall asleep - ha!

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