Saturday, April 27, 2013

Super Hero Capes

Laura is an instructional aid this year at Shades Cahaba Elementary school and they sponsored a tent at Relay for Life. They needed an item to sell and someone suggested super hero capes like Laura had made for her first grade classroom for another event. Laura volunteered to make them. She came over on a Friday when she was out of school and we worked and worked!! It was so much fun to spend that time with her.

I had purchased an unbelievable amount of red and yellow fabric last year to make curtains for her apartment bedroom.  We quickly realized that they were going to look like a circus tent so we tossed that idea BUT I saved all the fabric.  I told Laura to save the Relay for Life funds and to use this fabric.  She cut multiple capes for small children and we sewed a casing for ribbon across the top.  We made an assembly line and sewed and threaded ribbon through the casing using the old fashioned method of a safety pin on the end of the ribbon!  Works every time!

I then typed the word "hero" into my silhouette software and welded it together so that the letters would all be touching at some point or other.  I bought some wonder under and ironed it onto the fabric.  I attached the fabric to my sticky mat and ran the mat through my silhouette cameo.  I then peeled off the backing and ironed the words onto the bottom of each cape.

Some capes had the word "hero" . . .some capes had lightning bolts . . .some capes had both . . .it was so much fun.  As a middle-aged mom I miss this kind of project.  I must admit that I don't miss the stress . . . but I miss the creativity and the fun.

oops- the bed is not made up very well - who has time for housework when there is creating to be done???
At least it was made up, right?

I think they were going to sell them for about $3 and of course the money goes for Relay for Life - so it is not really "selling" - it is only a donation for cancer research.  I didn't attend . . .I sure hope they were popular and people gave donations for them.

I was able to drag down the fold up table and set up the laptop, sewing machine and silhouette and work away right in the middle of the family room.  I enjoy being in the middle of everything and everyone.  I got Mark to bring the table back down this weekend so that I can work on invitations for Kaylor and Sarah's shower.  I'm going to try to make those, too!!

You never know what a middle-aged momma is going to be doing :-)

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