Friday, April 26, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

When was Easter anyway? Am I over a month late with this post? Shoot . . .well, I guess that is better than six months, right? It is still spring. There are still spring flowers blooming and there is still pollen - LOTS of pollen - in the air. It is killing me. Just thought I would throw that in the mix. I'm take two allergy shots, zyrtec, singular, mucinex DM, a little tussin cough prescription pill (called pearls) - can't think of the name of it, nasonex and two inhalers . . .and I'm living a better life through modern medicine BUT I still haven't been able to wear mascara except for very special occasions and I still have spent only very limited time outside this spring. BUT I don't have cancer . . and I'm not homeless and the sun is shining and I can enjoy the gorgeous green grass and blue sky through the multitude of windows in my wonderful house and even from my office!! I have much for which to be thankful!!! So on to Easter. . .a month late.

I have bragged (I know - pride is a bad thing -it is a sin - but I didn't arrange these flowers so I'm bragging on others . . .I do not even know on whom I am bragging!!) on our flower committee before.  We have a dedicated group of women and a few men who do the most amazing job every single Sunday.  We always have the most beautiful altar arrangements.  These folks are not professionals.  They are church members - they are mommas and school teachers and folks who work at the YMCA - regular folks with amazing God given gifts.  They really "do it up" on holidays - the do flowers to the glory of God.  Look at this amazing altar arrangement.  God created those flowers and they were indeed used for his glory that day.

Mark and I went to the early traditional service because I NEED that service.  We leave the Good Friday service in darkness and silence.  I wrote a little about it on this day if you want to go back and read . . .maybe in the second or third paragraph.  I need to be in the sanctuary . . .when it is dark and quiet on Sunday morning and they bring in the Christ candle and we sing Alleluia and the lights come on and the orchestra plays and the white flowers are on the altar and the black cloth is gone from the church . . .oh my goodness, just typing those word . . . I have goose bumps running up and down my arms.  I need that service - my Jesus is risen and he walks and talks with me every day.  I need to be reminded of that on Easter morning and I "GET" that in the traditional service. 

Our "children" were all going to attend the early contemporary service which was back to back with the early traditional service.  I did something that I rarely ever do.  This service met during the Sunday School hour . . .and I've been teaching Sunday School for over 20 years and I rarely miss but I chose being with my family in worship on Easter Sunday as my priority . . .and it was the right thing to do.  They didn't want me to take this picture but I took it anyway.  There are just some rights to being a middle-aged momma - yes, there are.  Glenn is on the left and then Lauren and Laura and our friend, Sean.  He wasn't going to be in the picture but we told him that he is one of ours also.  We feel that way about so many of our kid's friends.  They are ours, too.  There is something very scriptural about that also!!!!  Sean is one of our Tuesday night guys and he has been the best friend to Laura.
oops - this picture is out of order -- this was in early traditional service - we were sitting surrounded by our friends - The Beers family was sitting in front of us and the Pattersons were sitting on the pew with us.  What in the world would we do without our faith family?  I truly cannot imagine what we would do.  They are with us through the good times and the bad.
This was the cross on the altar in the contemporary service.  Our friend, Tim Lunceford, made it.  He is so incredibly talented.  He sells all sorts of metal items - especially crosses - some are sheet metal - some are nails.  His items are very reasonably priced.  He has made many things that are used in the contemporary service and in our youth department.  He has this incredible workshop behind his house and when I walked in there, I cried . . .because it smelled like my daddy.  ok - this had nothing to do with Easter . . .but those of you who know me, know that sometimes I run off on a quick tangent . . but I'm back.  The cross was on the altar and it was draped in white cloth and it was lighted from below and it was lovely.
Lauren and Glenn wanted me to take their picture.  We went outside to the flower cross but the line was too long so we went down into the new prayer garden.  Our children's department raises butterflies from cocoons during Lent . . .and releases them on Easter Sunday.  I can't believe I was able to capture this magnificent picture while in the prayer garden.  The butterfly was on a child's finger and I walked right up to the family and said, "May I please take a picture?"  Look at the markings.  God is amazing.
We were able to get several good shots - this is at the entrance - the gates to the columbarium.

Of course, after church we went to grandmother's house for lunch.  She had her table all decorated for lunch.  She is in her late 80's and she still decorates and serves Sunday lunch - though on this day, we all helped.

We  had a wonderful lunch of turkey and ham and devilled eggs and green bean and artichoke casserole - remember my anguish on that day?  I just made two different recipes!!  I decided to keep the peace.  We had potato salad and carrot salad and pickles and olives and oriental slaw and carrot cake and bunny cookies and I can't even remember all the other delicious goodies.  Look at the table . . .notice at each place . . .the Easter bunny had arrived and left a surprise!!!  It was a wonderful lunch enjoyed by family.  I must say that Easter 2013 was a good Easter.  What a blessed day!!!

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