Sunday, April 28, 2013

He's back . . . . . .

I am not fond of snakes . . .but we have one who lives in our yard and this is at least the third year in a row that we have found his skin after he has shed it. We've never seen him alive . . .we've only found his skin. Wonder where he lives????  To be honest . . .I hope I  never see him alive . . .but I sure wouldn't mind if he dined on a few chipmunks.  We have so many chipmunks and our kitty thinks he can catch them . . and we humor him . . .but he is an old man.  So maybe Mr. No Shoulders will catch and snack on a few chipmunks.

Speaking of snakes . . .my sister Becky lives in Texas and this weekend, she had not one snake SKIN but two LIVE snakes in her backyard and her neighbor had to come over and kill them for her. Her sweet dog, Savannah, sounded the alarm. Thank goodness she (the dog . . .nor Becky!!) was not bitten!!!! They know that the snake on Saturday was a water moccasin . . .there are bayou drain things that run behind their homes . . .they think the one on Sunday was the same thing.  I'm so thankful that her neighbor was able to help her!!!!  I don't have a picture of her snakes . . . I'm probably glad :-)

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