Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Flea Market in Mobile

Who knew?  I love the flea market.  If you had asked me a year ago if I would enjoy a flea market . . .I would have said, "nah. . .I don't think so."  But I actually love going to this one.  Maybe it is because I get to go with Glenn and Lauren.  Maybe it is because it is a PRIME people watching spot.  We saw one girl who had on "ripped" jeans . . .her whole butt cheek was hanging out! (I didn't take her picture - I just stared with my mouth hanging open!)  There are all sorts of people at this flea market.  All sorts.  Really.  People sure are interesting.
I also really like the fact that they have animals at this flea market.  I could buy a chicken or a goat or a bird or a dog . . .all sorts of animals!!
I also love the book seller at this flea market.  (Not the actual person . . . but the book stall)  Oh my goodness, I think I could spend several hours just looking at the titles.  I made this picture extra large so you could see the precarious perching of books and wires!  I will admit that there are spots where I wonder how in the world are the shelves standing.  What is amazing, is that there is actually some semblance of order!!
Oh, I forgot . . .I could even buy a piglet if I wanted to do so!!!
This picture has nothing to do with the flea market . . .but I love this tree!  It is in the hotel parking lot and I wanted to get a book and go sit underneath this tree (but I didn't).
This post is about nothing much . . .just some random pictures that I had uploaded.  I need to catch up!!  It seems like the faster I move forward, the more behind I become!

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