Saturday, December 17, 2011

choot 'em

Have you ever seen the TV show about alligator hunters? It is one of Mark's favorites. The name of the show is Swamp People. Name should tell you something! Anyway . . .one of Mark's favorite characters on the show is Troy and he always says, "Shoot 'em! Shoot 'em." Except when he says that in his Cajun accent, it sounds more like "Choot 'em." Our friend, Jason, who has been undergoing chemo treatments from Hell also enjoys this TV show. When I was in Mobile . . .in a SHOE store . . .I found a rack of these shirts!  I bought one for Jason.  I thought it might bring a smile to his face!!

By the way, Troy is on the right in the picture below . . .this picture is on the back of the shirt.  Troy even autographed the shirt!  Hopefully, the shirt provided a little chuckle for Jason!

1 comment:

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