Thursday, October 20, 2011

do we really have to go home???

On Sunday morning, there were just four of us left . . .and we are all early risers. The lights were still turned on down on the pier. Isn't it lovely?

The sun was not up yet . . .

Sea oats in the morning light . . .on a cold and gray winter day, I need to be able to bring this picture to mind

The sun was beginning to rise and there was a warm glow of light on the beach.


Mark had to fish just a little more so that on his own cold and gray days, he can close his eyes and remember.  Ah - that is probably not true.  Do guys do that?


I know that you aren't supposed to stare at the sun . . .so I didn't . . .I just held my camera up in the air and snapped away.


I was just playing with the camera and different settings in the early morning light.


This plant with pretty flowers was growing through the metal fence around the pool . . .look at that early morning dew.
Memories until next time . . .

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