Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day three of the beach . . .there were no pictures on day two!!

We arrived at the beach on Thursday . . .and for some reason, I did not take enough pictures this year. I think I was too busy talking and visiting.  Hayden and Jan had to drive back to Panama City on Saturday night to catch an early flight back to Nashville . . .because their daughter was getting married (and is now married) in just two short weeks.  So they packed up and we all put on our nicest beach clothes and headed outside for some group picture taking.  At one point, we had taken so many pictures and Mark said, "what is this?  a wedding?  why are we taking so many pictures?"  Of course, we just kept taking pictures.  Here we are crammed into the elevator . . .

Hayden and Jan were loading their car and I snapped a cute picture of Guy and Phella.  I always love their pictures as a couple.

Here is the whole crew - year five - we are all in our 50's now . . .and we are a pretty fun group.  I hope we will still be taking a group picture at the beach . . . in September . . .when we are in our 70's . . . and maybe even 80's!!  When Mark had his arteriogram last week, the doctor told him that his heart has at least 30 more years . . .he is the oldest in the group . . .so hopefully, we will still be going to the beach in our 80's.  (that was a weird thought process - sorry!!)

Yes, we were trying to make sure that sailboat was in the picture.  We were acting pretty silly.

I love this picture of Hayden and Jan . . .except I think Hayden's eyes are closed.  Wonder if I could photoshop in some open eyes!!

Here we are and I have no idea what Mark is saying . . .this could be the "what are we doing?  Are we in a wedding?" comment time.

ok - there is a story behind this picture.  On Friday night, Jan and Phella and I went to the outlet mall.  We left the "boys" at the condo.  When we returned . . .I kid you not . . .we found all three guys sitting on the sofa in the condo . . .watching the Shopping Channel.  Now . . . .we think that it was staged,  like the picture below, but we don't know for sure.  They were actually able to tell us what the product was on the tv screen . . . .I was honestly so shocked that I didn't even think to grab the camera!!  So here they are - recreating the moment for us.

I love this picture - the sun is setting and the glow is hitting their faces . . .I think this was a staged picture also!!

Yes, Mark is standing "IN" the big fishing net . . .and yes, we were acting like a bunch of fools with a camera.

The girls . . .I think this is a pretty good picture of the three of us.  There is such joy on our faces.

The sun . . .needs no words.  God's beauty.

Mark's eyes are closed in this one . . .see that pretty sun in the background.

I love the beach!! I love this time of laughter and fun!!

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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog. I love the photo of your husband and you - such a happy and beautiful photo. I hope oneday I can find the same peace I see in your faces :)