Sunday, October 16, 2011

day one - fall beach trip 2011

We love our fall beach trip!! This year was year five and we are already looking forward to next year!! We always leave early in the morningn so that we can arrive in time for a late lunch at the Original Oyster House. When we pulled into town, the bottom fell out of the sky. It was raining so hard!! We all ran into the restaurant and began the "catching up" portion of the week-end . . . which actually continued all week-end!! After lunch, we picked up our keys and stopped by the store for a few items. I had told everyone that I had made homemade pimento cheese but didn't bring crackers . . .so Jan politely borrowed a few from the basket at the restaurant. If you know me . . you know that I'm LOUD . . .and while we were in Walmart, I yelled down the aisle at Jan - "Hey - do we need any more crackers other than the ones you stole!!" Then we all laughed hysterically.  I guess you had to be there with us for it to be funny!!  When we arrived at the condo, we unloaded everything and decided to go sit on the beach even though the skies were gray.

Mark found this "thing" on the beach . . .we still don't know what it is . . .sea snake?  I need to google it!

He played with it and "pondered" about the origin of his "snake."

I, on the other hand, buried my toes in the sand and began the process of relaxing!!

Guy and Phella and Hayden and Jan went for a really long walk.  The waves were gorgeous!!

I tried to take my own picture - not too successful!!
Mark had also begun the process of relaxation!!

I think this picture was actually taken on a different day . . .Mark has been trying to kill the beavers that are destroying the trees at the farm . . .We wrote our names on our cups . . and Jan wrote "Beaver Killer" on Mark's cup.  He seems pleased.

Since we had eaten a large lunch, we had pimento cheese and crackers and hummus and pita chips and apple slices and cheese slices . . .and margaritas!!!

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