Saturday, August 6, 2011


Last year I received a gift from my friend, Lynn. It was an unusual gift (which I love!). She gave a jar of these to me!

I am actually trying to remember if she brought me the jar of these first or if she brought it to my house as an appetizer and then my family had such a fit over the deliciousness of the appetizer, that she then brought me my own jar. (that was a horrible sentence but it is too early on a Saturday morning to correct it!)

The appetizer is simple. Open an 8 ounce package of cream cheese. Pour about half this jar over the top (I like to chop them up a little). Serve with crackers or chips. Mark and Laura (and I think Becky and Matt, too - when they were visiting) have been known to just get a little cream cheese and put it on a plate and put some jalapenos on top and have their OWN personal appetizer. The recipe is simple. The problem is that you can only purchase these candied jalapenos in Texas . . . .at only certain Buc-ee's stores.  (what is buc-ee's, you ask?  This is from their website:  Buc-ee’s is the theme park of gas stations — not just for its size but because there’s something for everyone, and you’ll all leave happy.  Another person wrote on their website that Buc-ee's is the Oz of gas stations.  You can obviously fill up your gas tank, buy food, buy souvenirs, buy clothing, get your car washed and buy candied jalapenos all in one location - why have I never been to a Buc-ee's?)

My friend Lynn just went to Texas . . .and she brought two jars to me. We are set for a while. My family will be happy. Thanks Lynn. (yes - my sister, Becky lives in Texas and lives near a Buc-ee's . . .her store doesn't carry them - you have to go to a BIGGER Buc-ee's . . . she is going to have to come and visit us in Alabama to get some :-)

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