Monday, August 15, 2011

If you don't stop making me laugh, I'm going to wet my pants!!

I've been out of high school for 35 years - how could that be possible?  Surely it has not been that long!!  Inside I still feel young . . .but goodness gracious, how could it have been 35 years ago?  (since the title of my blog is "musings of a middle-aged mom" . . .guess that is a clue that it has indeed been that long!!)  Our class had a 10 year reunion back in 1986 and I was very pregnant with twins and we had a 15 year reunion and I attended that one - actually helped plan it.  On Saturday night, there was a multi-class reunion and I decided to attend.  I actually didn't mail my money until the day after the deadline because I just couldn't decide whether I wanted to go or not.  I was smart . . .I emailed and sent facebook messages to two friends and said, "I'll go if y'all will go . . and let's not take husbands."  Smart choice!!  I hate to go to those things by myself and I didn't want to make Mark go - to me, that kind of social setting is so awkward because you want to talk to your old friends but you can't leave your spouse just sitting there!  (actually, there were a lot of spouses sitting at the tables by themselves!!) I drove to Kaye's house and we all rode together.  I think my driving probably scared them half to death . . .and I'm usually a good driver.

Within moments of entering the lobby, our friend Ann arrived.  Ann and Kaye and Faye and I all went to church and school together.  We also "caught up" with one of our teachers - she taught us all how to type!!

We had several other class members who were present that night but they had slipped out the door before we had our class picture taken.  You have to understand that it was 10 p.m. when they started the pictures . . .and well, some of us are old. 

Here we all are milling around waiting on our orders from the photographer and we were still trying to locate a few other class members in the crowded "party room."

I don't know what I'm telling Ann back there but I sure am talking - are you surprised?

Who knows what Faye and I were laughing about but we laughed all night.  You can see the tears in Faye's eyes and the "sweat" (or should that be "glow") on my brow - that is what happens when you are our age.  Faye even brought a fan in her purse.

The food was actually good but they gave us the tiniest plates I have ever seen. They were cute little clear six inch rectangle plates. I put three tortilla chips on my plate and those three chips covered half the plate. It was probably a really good thing because that way I didn't overeat!!

The music was good - we had a couple (or maybe three?) live bands.  Terry is the lead singer in one of the bands and he was diagnosed with cancer four years ago and this was his first time to be back with them.  He sounded amazing.  Ray is a member in one of the other bands and I grew up spending so much time at his family's house.  They were all good.

It was amazing to me - though I don't know why it was amazing . . .the folks who were warm and friendly in high school, were the same warm and friendly folks 35 years later.  Then there are those who weren't warm and friendly 35 years ago . . .and I'll let you fill in the blank.

Some of us had a hard time remembering folks.  Yes, we had on nametags but they should have printed them in a HUGE font :-)  I think that one of the younger classes printed the nametags . . .they must not need reading glasses yet!!  One person came up to Kaye and said, "do you remember me?"  Kaye stood there for a second and then said, "remind me!"  I just kept saying that there sure were a lot of "strangers" in the room (and there were since it was a multi-class reunion).  Kaye and Faye are identical twins and Kaye was talking to one old friend who called her by name.  She said, "how did you know which one I am?"  He replied, "I read your nametag."  Now I know these aren't that funny to a reader . . .but I want to remember . . .and if I don't write it down I'll forget.  I'm laughing as I type these words!!

Toward the end of the evening, several of us started laughing (again!!) and we were trying to talk over the band and we laughed harder and harder because we couldn't understand each other. You know that you are either hanging out with young pregnant women (which we aren't) or middle-aged women when someone says, "stop making me laugh - I'm going to wet my pants!!"

It was a good night with good friends and lots of laughter!!

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