Saturday, August 20, 2011

remember those grocery sacks full of groceries?

Dinner on a Tuesday night includes dessert . . .of course, we start with the best part first! Some nights, Mark eats only dessert because he loves his sweets so much!!  This dessert was incredible.  One was blueberry cobbler and the reason it looks like it does  . . .it decided to slide and leak in my car . . .blueberries and juice . . .on the seat . . .in the crack of the seat . . .in the floorboard behind the seat . ..but enough was left in the pan for some yumminess.  Angela made the cobblers - one blueberry and one cherry.  This was a different recipe.  The "crust" tasted like sugar cookie dough.  I emailed and asked for the recipe.  You will never guess the main ingredient in the crust in a million years.  I will tell you that it was delicious.  Oh - you want to know about the crust?  It is white bread.  Yes, you read that correctly.  This crust is made of white loaf bread and it is wonderful.  Just white bread?  No, of course not.  White bread and an unbelievable amount of sugar and some butter.  Lots of sugar and butter.

We serve buffet style every week - right from the pots on the stove and from platters and bowls on the counter. I realize that this is not the prettiest way to serve but it is the easiest.  Our menu included grilled chicken, fresh purple hull peas and a mashed potato casserole that will make you slap yo' mama! We always have salad and rolls (with most meals).

Mark was (and always is!) our grillmaster for the evening (and he always does a great job!) To grill chicken breasts for 20-30 people requires two grills. He had this many on the gas grill.
And  he had this many on the charcoal grill.  Our friends, Hayden and Jan, moved out of town and left their grill in our basement . . .sure has come in handy!!
Now you know why my grocery cart was so full of groceries!!  If we cook at home, we can feed everyone for $125 or so a week.  If we order out, it is more like $200.  We usually cook because most of these young adults can order in or eat in a restaurant any time and so they really appreciate a home-cooked meal and also because we want to be good stewards.  We sure do love hanging out with these young adults every Tuesday night and this middle-aged momma loves feeding them.  There is just something so satisfying about cooking a meal and having folks eat the food and enjoy the meal.

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