Monday, August 29, 2011

The church with the red door

We were sitting in our living room on Friday night and Mark said, "I want to go to the Pita Stop." I said, "let's go tomorrow night." I sent a text message to Dona and asked if she and Gary wanted to meet us. Her response was, "sounds like a plan."

The Pita Stop is a restaurant that is practically on the UAB campus. They have the best hummus in town. They have shrimp kabobs that are to die for. They serve them in a giant Pyrex dish with fresh fruit and Greek salad and hummus and pita bread. Really yummy!!

Cute picture of Dona . . .the guys are already chatting and we can't seem to move from the sidewalk.  You can't see in the window behind Dona . . .but if you could, you would see a conference room table with a "dead as a doornail" cactus on the table.  I believe that the office was the office of a corrupt politician . . .who has been "put away" for a while.  This is an excerpt from the article in the newspaper a couple of years ago:  accused of using a local charity's coffers as his own "personal piggy bank,"So and so was led away in handcuffs by two deputy U.S. marshals after a federal jury in Birmingham found him guilty Wednesday of 97 counts of mail and wire fraud."  I think he is in jail for about 20 years . . .it looks like no one has been in his conference room since he was sentenced back in 2009.  I've never seen a plant quite as dead!!  (this had nothing at all to do with this post . . .)

There is a church across the street that I love. I've never been inside but I love the red door!!! As we were leaving home, I grabbed my camera so I could practice a little.

The church looks really small from the outside. I'm not even sure of the denomination . . .maybe Episcopal? I think it would be neat to say, "I go to the church with the red doors."  (just looked up info about the church on google - it is indeed Episcopal - St. Andrew's Episcopal . . .here is a statement from their webpage - made me laugh!! - "We are a liturgical, high church (smells and bells!)" -- I had heard that said about a church before but never heard a church say it about themselves!!)

We really have some beautiful old buildings around town but I've lived here for my whole life and so often, I just don't even think to "look."  One of our young adults moved here from another state and he is always going to our tourist attractions . . .and I always realize that I've never been to that attraction before.  I've been trying to look around with new eyes!!

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