Sunday, July 3, 2011

This is what it takes to make this man HAPPY!

This man loves to fish. I've told y'all that before. He really really does. Mark and George got up at midnight every night we were at the beach (on vacation!!) and went out to the pier and fished until about 3:00 a.m. I just can't imagine doing that. I've been trying to think if there is anything I love enough to get up every single night of vacation and stay up from midnight to three a.m. I'm not sure there is. I surely can't imagine blogging or scrapbooking or sewing or even eating from midnight until three. I have set my clock and awakened in the middle of the night to pray for various things over the years but that is about it. Of course, when our kids were small we were up MANY times during the night. So one morning, Mark said, "would you take the camera out to the pier. I want some pictures of this fish I caught." My early morning reply was probably, "Can I drink a diet pepsi first?" So out to the pier we walked.
I was reading on Mo's blog about colors in photos. She was right. Orange and blue go so well together in photos. No wonder I love Auburn colors so much!! Look how that orange shirt pops against that blue sky. Oh wait a minute . . .I'm supposed to be talking about that beautiful fish. Isn't he lovely?

Look at that mouth . . .who knew that fish had tongues. That probably isn't really a tongue but it sure looks like it. Look at those teeth . . .my what big teeth he has!! You see that Mark is holding his mouth open with a rag of some sort or other. You learn all sorts of interesting things when you are married to a fisherman.

The pier is so nice - they even provide a cutting board. There are sinks with running water so that you can clean your fish on the pier and get them right into the ice.

There is a water hose so that you can clean up after yourself!!

I think I told y'all this in one of my posts last year. When our nephew, Thomas was a wee little boy he was fascinated with all things going on the pier. Mark and George would "clean" the fish and Thomas thought they were giving the fish a bath and returning them to their fish daddies over the side. I still chuckle about that.

They didn't catch as many fish this year as some of the years in the past. Since the last big hurricane, the fishing hasn't been as good because the water is more shallow under the pier. Time and mother nature will eventually take care of that. They did catch plenty of fish for us to eat and it was delicious!! (look at the orange shirt against that blue water - looks great!!) He is one happy man in these pictures! Is there any hobby, etc. (nothing x-rated please) for which you would wake up at midnight and stay up until three a.m.? He loves his fishing!!

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