Sunday, July 24, 2011

Say Cheese . . .Act natural . . .what setting?

I have a camera with me almost all the time (I guess you can tell that by the number of pictures on my blog). I know it irritates folks . . .but after attending the funeral of Bill F., a man who was just a few years older than I, I decided that I was going to "amp up" the picture taking. I want to remember all of these life events - both big and small. What might seem insignificant to others might be important to me.

So last year, I bought my trusty Canon Rebel T1i and I love it. I've never taken a photography class in my life and I've just been winging it (and yes, I know my lack of expertise shows!!). My friend Kevin graciously gave some coupons to a series of photography classes to me. The classes started last weekend. The first class was just so-so. The presenter was fine but not excellent. He was personable and knowledgeable about cameras.
This Saturday was the second class. It was photography 101 and the guy above was the instructor and he was fantastic. He was funny and knowledgeable and a great presenter. We actively participated in the class. We were working on continual focus in the picture above. He also had the class participants line up in two lines and focus our cameras on each other . . .walking forward and backward to see the differences. I feel like I learned a lot. He taught us all sorts of things to make our photographs better. I made lots and lots of notes. My problem is that when I go to take a picture, I can't remember everything. I think that might be a problem with middle-aged minds! He also taught us about the rule of thirds in photography and about "framing" our photos using natural elements or windows, etc. The class was interesting and the two hours early on a Saturday morning flew by.

I took quite a few pictures on Saturday afternoon and evening. This is in our little flower bed in front of the house. I like this picture. I "sort of" got the thirds - the right tip of the butterfly wing and the outside left edge of the flower. I was trying to take the picture with his wings open . . .

I finally got the picture but the handrail on the steps is visible. But just look at that butterfly. Look at the exquisite detail. I'm so glad that God not only created all of the animals and insects but that he took the time to make many of them so beautiful.

I really like this photo. Not sure that I got any of the techniques right in this one but I like it anyway!

We have two more classes and the last class will be taught by this same man and I'm really looking forward to what I can learn. We actually have homework this week! I need to get busy. Actually, there is a reason why I took copious notes . . .I've already forgotten the details of the assignment. I remember that it is to take 10 pictures of something . . .but I can't remember the details!! Thank goodness for notes!!

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