Monday, July 11, 2011

one of my favorite "toys"

Two years ago Mark (with my help!) bought one of my all-time favorite birthday presents. I wish I had more time to use this wonderful machine but it seems like my time is running away :-) The silhouette SD is a "cutter." I have a program in my laptop and I open a new document much like you do in Microsoft word or other similar programs. I can then add all sorts of designs which I have already downloaded into my own library or I can purchase a new design for about $1 from a website and immediately download (or is that upload?) it and use a new design. Technically, I think I can even design my own but the odds of that happening are slim to none! Last weekend I was determined to use my machine to make thank you cards for several folks. I've used the machine for making baby shower invitations (which were cut into the shape of a "onesie") and I have made lingerie shower invitations which were cut into the shape of bustiers (I had to look up how to spell that and I typed in "how to spell bustier" and the first hit was so funny - someone had written, "how do you spell booost-tee-aye" - found my answer and I was right all along!). I made the invitations for the Baby Recognition Sunday at church on my machine last year. I've used the silhouette SD for scrapbooking (which was the use for which the machine was originally purchased) but I can't seem to find the time to scrapbook anymore.

These cards weren't my very best efforts simply due to time . . .but the red one on the far right has fireworks and the top green one has a giant pink cupcake. The yellow one has a place setting thanking Drew for taking me to lunch for my birthday. The one to the right of the yellow one has a bright sun - thanking Mollie and Roger for a wonderful day at the lake. I tried to make most of the cards "fit" the reason for the thank you note. Karen's just has yellow circles left over from the inside of the suns. Hers was the last one I made and it wasn't fancy.

I know why hand-made things always cost so much. Even with a machine to do the cutting and even using simple designs, I worked all of Saturday afternoon into the evening making these. Now I must admit that I derived much much pleasure from the time spent creating so it wasn't a "chore" at all but as I was working I was thinking about how much "fancy" greeting cards cost. Mine weren't "fancy" but they were from the heart.

I love writing and I love receiving thank you notes - that definitely sounds like the musings of a middle-aged mom!!

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