Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Folding chairs in the living room?

We have had this chair for years. I think we've had it since we first got married. I believe it originally belonged to either Mark's grandmother or maybe even his great grandmother. We had it reupholstered years ago and guess what? It is finally getting a facelift. We bought this sofa about 25 years ago. At one time, it was covered in peach fabric. . . back in the days when peach fabric was in style - yes, that would have been in the 80's! We had it covered in this fabric when the kids were in middle school and it has been used every day since then. Glenn lounged on it when he was living at home and it is a favorite gathering place for all of us.
But guess what? We've worn this fabric totally out. That is my hand . . .in the fabric. There were holes in our sofa. One side was still good . . .so when "company" was coming over, what did we do? Yes, you are right! We turned it over. But no need to do that anymore. About a week ago, this sweet couple came to our home and carried the sofa through the back door and down the deck steps to their van waiting in the driveway. New fabric has been ordered and hopefully we will have a new sofa in just a few weeks. They also took the old green chair - it is getting new clothes too!! So for now, we are sitting in folding chairs!! They are not as comfortable as our sofa!!

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