Wednesday, April 21, 2010

more invitations on the silhouette sd

Mark bought my "machine" for me last June for my birthday . . .and I sure have enjoyed creating different things. I've used it more for invitations than for actual scrapbooking . . .maybe because I've been blogging more than scrapbooking. Some friends and I are hosting a baby shower in May. I volunteered to make the invitations and I had so much fun. The only hard part was lining up the "words" so that I could cut the vellum into the same shape. I know that there is a way to set up registration marks . . .but I've never done it and for some reason, I assumed it would be fairly easy to just type the information and cut it. Here is the inside: I decided to put miniature ball fringe around the neck and a button on the front. Any of you . . .how do you glue vellum? I used glue dots because I thought they would show the least amount.

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