Thursday, April 22, 2010

Celebrate Good Times!!

On Wednesday, we celebrated a very special day for a very special friend. My friend, Phella, celebrated the big 5-0! She doesn't like surprise parties so I asked her if we could celebrate with a lunch. She worked with us in the church office for a couple of years so she agreed that I could get together a few friends and have lunch at the church. My sweet mother-in-law agreed to make the cake - carrot cake with cream cheese frosting! She is a wonderful baker and the cake was delicious!! I can't believe that I caught the action. I'm used to my trusty rebel 35 mm camera. I had Mark's little "hunting" digital camera. That little camera eats batteries and sometimes the action is so slow that I miss what I'm trying to photograph - but I caught the special moment. This is Phella blowing out her candles.
We had the "friends for lunch" party in our large parlor at the church. It was just right - sort of like a living room setting. Here is a picture of the two of us. Have I said how much I love this friend? I do!! We met when Laura and Glenn were six weeks old and Phella was pregnant with Michael. She already had Chris and Amy wasn't even a twinkle in Guy's eye. (isn't that the old expression?) That means that we have been friends about 23 years. We've raised our children together. We've grown in our faith together through Bible study. We've shared laughter and tears. We've shared many a meal together. We never lack for a topic of conversation. I am blessed beyond measure by her friendship.
These cute girls are Jeanne (on the left) and Amy in the middle and Kristi on the right. I tell them all the time that they keep me young. They are three of the sweetest people and I love working with them.

This is Phella with our friend, Donna. Aren't those two beautiful friends?

I have more pictures to load but it is doing that crazy thing again where it won't let me add anymore. I'll have to try again later.
What a wonderful day of celebration. Phella and I both agree that each year is to be celebrated - another year of blessings - another year of love and friendship! I thank God for you, Phella!

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