Saturday, March 24, 2018

What cha doing over there?

Mark just asked me that question, "What cha doing over there?" We've had a nice relaxing evening at home after grabbing a bite to eat and I've been sitting her playing on the computer while we watch reruns of Frasier . . .and now there is a nature show on the tv!

The pictures from my phone just loaded onto the computer and what do I have here?

I got a much needed pedicure on Friday afternoon - Sapphire Nails and Spa at the Grove is the best!

I cannot believe I took a picture of this . . .but I did! We have a new carwash near our house and my car was totally yellow . . .and it is a red mini SUV. I took it through the "Wall of Foam" and then spent about 30 minutes vacuuming out the inside. My car was filthy both inside and out.

I bought this lettuce at the farm stand on Thursday - right in our parking lot at the church. Jason and Shelia are back for the season - yay!! This lettuce is grown in a nearby county and it is so good! It is a mixture that has a little spice - a little wow! The package states + Wasabi!!

I also bought this giant bucket of strawberries this week from the farm stand  - these strawberries are also from a county or two away and they were so incredibly good. The bucket is empty and washed and ready to be returned. I think I'll buy another bucket this week!

I did something new today. Mark was at the farm and I was on my own. I went to Blink and had my eyebrows threaded. Oh my goodness, y'all! Have you ever done this? My skin is so sensitive that when I have my eyebrows waxed, a huge hunk of skin usually leaves with the tiny hairs. I will be going back to Blink! It was not totally painless but there is no redness and I'm not missing any hunks of skin.

When I was paying, the lady handed me a price list. SHE CIRCLED THE BRAZILIAN wax. I DID NOT circle that. She also told me way way way more than I ever wanted to know about a Brazilian wax. I will be going back to have my eyebrows threaded!

 I did grocery pick up again this week at Walmart. It is a life changer. That sounds silly but I have had two extra hours over the last three weeks - that is six hours of my life back. Today, they did get one thing wrong in my order but I called and they told me to come right back and they brought the correct items to the car and made the trade. She told me that I could keep the wrong thing, too, but I asked her if they could resell it and she said, "yes" so I made her take it back in. They also gave me (and I guess everyone else today??) a goody bag that is just the right size for packing my lunch each day and there were several freebies in the bag!

When Mark got back into town, we went to eat at the Boot at the Grove. I had a burger with no bun and it was so good. One of the employees was painting their saying on the back wall and she was free-handing it and doing a great job!!

This last random picture - we were riding through a brand new neighborhood and saw these garage doors and we both loved them so we pulled into the driveway and snapped a quick photo. Aren't they awesome?

What have you been doing this weekend?

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  1. I made palm crosses at the church this morning, ran an errand, got my car washed, hung out with my neighbor and a friend on my deck while we watched a crew take down a huge tree in her yard, had a quick nap, got my grocery delivery (I love shipt!) and have needkepointed s little bit tonight. A good day!