Monday, March 5, 2018

A Day or Two in the Life (or maybe just a weekend!)

So what have we been up to lately?

Friday, I met three friends for lunch. We started going to lunch periodically several years ago and then we decided we would go once a month and we try to go on the first Friday of each month. These other wonderful women and I raised our kids together . . .and most of our sons were roommates at one time or another while in college. These friends are special to me.

I did something new on Friday afternoon. I buy a HUGE amount of groceries every week - I'm talking about sacks tied on the sides of the grocery cart because they won't all fit in the cart kind of huge. I went online to and ordered my groceries and picked them up. Walmart has no idea that I'm writing about them nor have they paid me (dang - I wish they would!). The online ordering process was easy. I told them what time I would be there. They texted me when the groceries were ready. I told Walmart via the app that I was on my way. When I arrived at Walmart, there were great orange directional signs showing me where to go and then there were reserved parking places. As soon as I parked, the app informed me that I was indeed at Walmart and that someone would be right out with my groceries. Within minutes, a young woman arrived at my car. The groceries were packed into stackable blue bins so there were not any sacks sitting on top of other sacks. They did an excellent job of picking out my produce (this was going to be one of my "judging" criteria). If Walmart doesn't have an item in stock that you ordered, they will substitute for like value or GREATER value! They never substitute down. I will DEFINITELY be ordering this way again. I gained at least two hours of time back!!

We cleaned house on Friday evening. Mark does a great job with the vacuum

Saturday morning, I did something just for me . . .a pedicure. I love our nail salon!

Then I made a quick run into target and headed home. I put together hostess gifts for Laura's upcoming tea and then I began the prep for dinner.

Saturday evening, we had our daughter's future in-laws over for dinner, along with our daughter and future son-in-law and our son and daughter-in-law plus Mark's mother. I made homemade blackberry cobbler for dessert with gorgeous blackberries that our son picked last year. If you've never picked blackberries, let me tell you -- this was a gift!

I've been working hard on being present so I keep forgetting to take pictures. By the time I remembered, the cobbler was no longer beautiful.

How could I forget? Sweet grandbaby girl was also at the "dinner party"
 and she looked lovely!

My mother-in-law also joined us for dinner. It is always special to have her as a part of the group.

Sunday was another full day - we went to worship. Have y'all heard the song by Hillsong - So Will I? You have? don't you love it? You haven't? Don't waste anytime. Go listen to it right now. I facilitated in our Sunday School class. After Sunday School, we had our Advance Commitment service for the leaders of the congregation to make their pledge early for the upcoming building project. In that brief service is actually where I heard So Will I.
After the service, Mark and I hurried to Lowe's to buy pine straw for his mother's yard but alas . . .Mark had made six trips to buy pine straw and EVERYONE was out! We went on to lunch at his mom's house with all of the family (even the sister-in-law from Delaware! Yay!))

Then it was on to home to cook for Tuesday night and to make my lunches for the week. After about two hours of prep, cooking, and washing dishes, it was time to ride the stationary bike.

After Mark got back home, he took a power nap and then we went for a walk in our neighborhood and talked to some of the neighbors. Thrown in throughout the day was laundry . . .laundry . . .and more laundry.

We watched some Frasier reruns and I read a little and in between things, I addressed wedding invitations.

I'm pretty sure that we did some other things but my brain is tired tonight so I can't remember!
What do you do on the weekends? Are you busy or do you rest?

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