Saturday, December 10, 2016

The B.I.G. 30

I need to start off with a disclaimer regarding last night's blog post.  I LITERALLY fell asleep while typing.  I was sitting on a stool at the kitchen island and the house was totally quiet and it was after 10 (my bedtime!!) and I nodded off.  When I awoke this morning, I thought to myself, "I had better make sure that I didn't type anything really weird."  It was not the most well written post for sure and I skipped a question.  What is your favorite Christmas movie quote?  My two favorite Christmas movies are Christmas Vacation and Four Christmases . . .I'm not sure what that says about me (and Mark!).  I even googled quotes from the movies this morning and most of the ones I like have to be bleeped!!!  We do refer to all sorts of things as jump jumps!! (four Christmases)

On to today's post . . .It seems like only a few years ago when I turned 30 . . .how in the world could my "babies" be 30 years old????  When our kids were little, we planned one birthday party with sort of a "unisex" theme and we celebrated together - inviting both boys and girls.  It was simple back then!

I vividly remember their 13th birthday.  Laura had a million girls over to spend the night and we had just had our hardwoods put down and waited to put the furniture back in after the party.  We had wall to wall sleeping bags.  Mark and Glenn went to the farm with some of Glenn's friends.  Who knows what they did???

This year, Glenn and Lauren (who also has a birthday in November!!) celebrated with friends over a weekend at a cabin in the mountains.  Baby girl's other grandmother picked her up from daycare on Friday and kept her until noon on Saturday and then we kept her until Sunday at lunch . . .and on top of that, we had the stomach virus that weekend.  Even though we were sick, we enjoyed every minute.  We spent lots of time lying on the floor with her and sleeping in the recliner with her!

I had offered to host a party for both of them but Glenn chose option A above.  Laura and I came up with a plan for a fiesta 30th birthday party and we invited several of her Birmingham friends to celebrate with us.  I made a banner with my silhouette and created "day of the dead" banners much like you see in many Mexican restaurants.

I used bright colorful tissue paper pom poms on the mantle.

I made a taco bar banner using the same bright colors.

I bought wooden letters and painted those in the same colors.

I ordered cookies from Hey Kat Bakes.  Read all about Kat here - we go to church together and her husband plays in the contemporary worship band.  She did an awesome job on the cookies.  Look at the details on the piñata!!  We loved the cookies so much that I placed my second order (different cookies for a Christmas gift!) with her this week and picked them up yesterday.

I used to have a whole Rubbermaid plastic tub of Mexican party decorations - our  youth department at church even used the decorations several years for Discovery weekend - but those decorations are no more - I have looked all in the attic for them!!  I bought a few new decorations.  I made margaritas and used the drink dispenser.  I ordered a caramel cake from Edgar's bakery.  They are also a local business!!

I ordered the taco bar fixin's from Moe's Southwest Grill and they delivered and set up the taco bar.  The girl who delivered was very nice and I talked to her (are you surprised!) and know all about her family now.  I didn't order their guacamole . . . .I made my own guacamole . . .because mine is really good!

Here is a picture of most of the group.  Katie had not arrived yet.  Her birthday is the same day as Laura and Glenn's!!

The 30 year olds - be still my heart - I love these two!

I even put 30 candles on the cake - we usually do sweet sixteen for the girls - no matter how old you are!

Of course, no birthday is complete without a Sunday celebration at Grandmother's house.  She made German Chocolate cake for Lauren, pound cake with icing for Glenn, and I made a key lime pie for Laura.

Laura's pie was still frozen so she had to hold her candles . . .and Glenn blew them out from across the table.  Oh my goodness - our family!!

We finished up with one last celebration last weekend.

We ate dinner at Bonefish Grill.  I found the elf hiding in the restaurant!  He was fishing!

Sweet baby girl is finally getting to eat something solid -- she was eating one of those baby cookies!!  (gumming it!)

I snapped just a few photos at the restaurant -- one of Lauren and Glenn

and one of Pops holding sweet baby girl

I know this post has lots and lots of pictures - this post contains lots and lots of memories.  Happy birthday to my sweet children.  May God richly bless you in the coming years!  I love you!

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