Wednesday, September 2, 2015

watermelon for birthday?

It is now September and I opened my blog this morning and realized that I have had zip zero time to blog. How can that be? I always thought that life would slow down as I got older - no children at home - would I be bored? (that was a weird sentence)
So I loaded these pictures several weeks ago.  My birthday was back in June and it is now September.
Mark's mom bakes the cake of our choice - mine is almost always German Chocolate Cake. Her recipe is my all time favorite.  She tries to make each one of us feel extra special on our birthdays.
We invited the kids over for watermelon on the porch as the next part of our celebration.

I LOVE our porches.  I had no idea that I would love to sit outside so much. We've eaten at the table on the front porch a lot, too.  We are finally moving toward cooler temps and less humidity so we will sit outside even more.

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