Wednesday, September 9, 2015

The Loft

Time for a tiny tour of our loft! When we first looked at this house, we thought this room was so cool. We've tried to give it an airy feel. We reused furniture that we had at our old house, but I picked out new fabric and had the pieces covered. It was great fun to pick out the fabric, but it was a little stressful, too. I ended up having to order part on line and buy part in the local stores in order to get enough for the two wing back chairs and ottoman.
The bookcase is an antique - someone had it in Mark's family - Aunt Nelle, I believe. The bookcase housed her encyclopedias . . which we kept until this move. Someone found a rare treasure at the Salvation Army store - an entire set of Encyclopedia Britannica.
The door to our top front porch is in this room. Our daughter, Laura painted the sunflower.

The pictures are dark because the room is so filled with light - I apologize!! The piece in the corner (TV is on it) is a piece we purchased from Southeastern Salvage. It is such a cool piece with metal plates (about the size of a license plate) on the front.

We have plantation shutters throughout the house and love them.

This is our bright yellow sofa! It has been peach (originally purchased in the 80's - what can I say?) and it has had two different patterned fabrics on it (yes, of course, at two different times). This is the fourth recovering. Someone (probably Mark's momma) told us that if we bought GOOD pieces of furniture with classic lines that we could use them forever. This sofa and the two wing chairs have been perfect examples.
You can't really see it, but there is a cabinet to the right of the sofa. We also purchased that piece at Southeastern Salvage. The desk on the far wall is an antique that we got from a family member/friend back when we first got married (or maybe Mark had it when we got married!!) I love how the stairwell is open and airy. I want to hang a giant pair of shutters or something on that big wall but I cannot figure out how to get to it without building scaffolding. Anyone ever hung anything in a stairwell way up high before?
Another thing that you can't really see is the wooden piece on the far wall to the right. It is a giant custom shadowbox. Mark had some old fishing reels and some old lures including the boxes. These things belonged to his dad. I took them to a framer and they made the box and mounted all the pieces. I need to take a close up to show you because it is beautiful!
Now you've seen our tiny loft - we thought we would use it a lot more than we do. Maybe when we have grandkids we will use it more.

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