Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Heart

I haven't written about our group in a while. Goodness gracious, Mark and I love these folks so very much.  I was trying to count up in my head the other day . .. just how many young adults have come through our house in the last 5 1/2 years. Some have joined us for a night or two . . .some have joined us for a year or two . . .some have captured our hearts!!

I bought a selfie stick and my kids have made such fun of me! It sure did come in handy on Laura's first night away working in a new city. The group took a picture and we texted it to her!

The new (been there 15 months now!) house is so perfect for our Tuesday night group. It just works!!

These pictures were taken several months ago - the group was making PB&J sandwiches for Church of the Reconciler. We were able to spread everyone out and once again - we had plenty of room.

We don't serve alcohol on Tuesday nights - just food! Chelsea has moved away to another state - boo hoo! We miss her but we are so proud of her!  Anyway, on her last night, some of the girls were going to walk to The Boot for a drink after everyone left our house. They invited us to go and we left dishes in the sink, etc. and went with them. I feel like all four of these girls are ours - Brooke, Chelsea, April and of course, Laura - who is ours!!

I give thanks to our God who has blessed us with the opportunity to be with these young adults every single week.  Just a few weeks ago, a baby was baptized . . .and she was the first baby of any of our group to be baptized at Trinity . . .and Mark and I were there. Amy and Ed dated while attending our group and Mark and I attended their wedding reception (they married on an island with no guests!). Now we have attended their baby's baptism. God is good, people. God is good.

This was the Sunday of the baptism - the worship service was so full that Mark and I stood in the back of the worship space.

We love our Tuesday night folks - they have our hearts! God has our hearts. What a great combination.

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