Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Hodge Podge Wednesday

Linking up today – Hodge Podge Wednesday – I have no clue why I enjoy these questions so much, but I do!

Speaking of April 15...what's the most 'taxing' thing you've done recently? 
The last 12 + months have actually been somewhat taxing. Let’s see . . .One of my closest friends (actually family member) died in February. I got a “promotion” at work . . .but the person whom I replaced died . ..and we miss her every day. I was only able to train with her for a few hours so EVERYTHING has been new to me this year. I’ve worked with not one but two senior ministers since June of last year (lucky for me, they are both great!). Right in the middle of all of that, we put our house on the market. It sold within the first week. We put a contract on a house and someone beat us out of that one. We found a brand new house and bought it and moved 22 years of stuff (Salvation Army received a bounty of goods from us!!). 

When did you last take a taxi somewhere and where was that somewhere? 
I think the last time I rode in a taxi was when I was a child. My mom didn't drive (never got her driver’s license!) and I think we took a taxi to the doctor a few times. We usually walked to the bus stop (3 blocks away) and rode the bus. I may have ridden in a taxi back in my first career days with AT&T when I traveled some. 

What's something you can do today that you couldn't do a year ago? 
I can talk to brides without hyperventilating! I didn’t really hyperventilate but when I took over this job, I found out that ONE of my job duties is to schedule weddings. I have to book them on the church calendar, get the marriage license from the couple, collect the fees, etc. I’m a tad more comfortable taking care of wedding business today than I was a year ago. 

How often is chicken (in some form or fashion) on your menu at home? Which of the following would you most like to see on your table tonight....a chicken salad sandwich, your mom's fried chicken, a Chick-fil-A meal, Cracker Barrel's chicken n' dumplings, a roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings, or 'hold the chicken, I'm a vegetarian'...? 
We eat a lot of chicken. Right now, a Chick-fil-A meal sounds really good . . .though roast chicken and mashed potatoes sounds pretty yummy, too!! 

What was your favorite television program when you were a kid? What characters do you remember the most? 
hmmm. . .I watched Dark Shadows every day after school. Now I can’t watch ANYTHING with a vampire in it. I have nightmares about Vampires!! I also remember watching Marcus Welby, MD and Gilligan’s Island and ... oh, I loved Petticoat Junction. I wanted to live there in the hotel with them. My sister found a DVD set of Petticoat Junction a few years ago and gave it to me for Christmas! 

What was the last piece of 'art' you made? 
I am ALWAYS crafting. Right now, I’m working on banners, etc. for a baby shower that I’m hosting on the 25th. I’ve made several other baby shower banners lately and I made invitations for the baby shower. Just this morning, I painted the polka dots onto a big E for the front door.  In 2013, I painted/crafted a picture for each family unit in our Sunday School class. They were similar to this (but smaller).

What frustrates you most about the Internet?
This may sound silly – but the thing that frustrates me most is when we “lose it” – I hate when the internet goes down for any reason at home or work. I get overly frustrated (I might need to work on that!!). I also hate unfriendly websites. 

Insert your own random thought here.
Jen Hatmaker spoke at our church on Sunday. She was in town to speak at a women’s conference at a local Baptist church and we were able to book her “on their coat tails.” She spoke during the Sunday School hour (and again at 1:00) and there were several times when she was speaking that I wanted to burst into applause (that has happened to me recently in worship, too! – you have to understand that I’m not a “raise your hands” in worship kind of girl so for me to feel that way is pretty big. Did I clap? Heck no! But I thought about it.) She is on fire for doing the work of Jesus and she is an excellent speaker. I will be facilitating her newest study – Interrupted – during the month of May for three Sunday School classes. I’ve been reading the book and it is really good. p.s. I’m really nervous about facilitating – I’ve been teaching the same Sunday school class for 22 years. They put up with my mistakes, etc. After hearing Jen (why yes – we are on a first name basis!! I wish!!) speak on Sunday, I walked out to my car and said out loud, “Sweet Jesus, what have I gotten myself into?” (that was a prayer!) I am unworthy to facilitate this material but that means that Jesus gets to shine, right?

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