Friday, March 20, 2015

Yay! It's Friday!!

I was doing so much better at updating my blog and then I fell off the wagon again.  Where does time go???  I actually was sick this month.  I've NEVER missed three days of work for illness . . .but I did in 2015.  Oh my goodness!  Nastiest lower GI bug ever and I had a fever.  Good Lord, I'm 56 years old.  Why in the world would I have a temperature of 101.7?  Let me just tell you that I felt totally lousy.  One of the days that I was home sick, ended up being an inclement weather day.  Most all of my co-workers stayed home and to be honest, I worked remotely after the first day.  The first day that I started feeling bad was on a Tuesday and the young professionals were all coming over.  I had to go upstairs and lock myself in a bedroom/bathroom. Thank goodness for upstairs.  By the next day, I only got out of bed to get more to drink or to go to the bathroom.  I felt like all the life had been sucked right out of me!  Have you ever felt that way??  By the next day, I could sit up for short periods of time but still spent a large portion of the day in bed.  By Friday, I had to escape.  I did some work remotely and then drove to the office to print it.  I lasted about an hour.  The next day, the minute my eyes opened, I thought, "Oh my goodness.  I feel so much better!"  I was even able to come to the church and participate for a few hours in Discovery weekend -- over 500 kids!  God is amazing.  

You can see the tiny amount of snow we received.

On another entirely different note, Katie - one of our favorite young professionals (we love them all) - decided that it was time for her to move up into the 30 something group.  Oh my goodness - we miss her so much.  She gave us this wooden sign -- "What I love most about my home is who I share it with."  Yep - that should be our motto.  We love sharing our home with others.

I've also really enjoyed my centerpiece box that Brian made for me for Christmas.  This was how it looked in the winter (after Christmas).  I was so thankful that I picked up those giant pine cones.  The very next day is when they cleared the lot next door for the house - NO MORE TREES!!  Sad.  I changed the box out last night.  I put little plants between each of the candles with moss.  I'll have to take a pic and post it!

Let's see if I can change topics another time.  My friend, Jeanne, has a business baking brownies.  Her brownies are like none I have ever eaten in my life.  She gave a half dozen peanut butter ones to me at Valentine's.  They are so good.  If you live in the Birmingham area and are on facebook, you can contact her here.  You won't regret it.  I'm hosting a baby shower in another month and I've already ordered three dozen from her.

We have a fun weekend planned.  We are going to DoDiYos tonight with three other couples.  We've raised our children together and we usually have lunch bunch - just the four moms.  We try to meet several times a year. We are including the husbands tonight!  Tomorrow night, we are hosting supper club at our house.  I'm going to cook a beef tenderloin so it should be yummy (that is why I was reworking the centerpiece last night!!).  We have church and Sunday School on Sunday and I'll buy groceries and do some cooking toward Tuesday night . . .gonna be a good weekend!  Do you have any fun plans??

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